Monday, July 02, 2007

Raccoon vs. squirrel... we all know who wins!

It's a hot day, and a certain squirrel is lying belly-down in the birdfeeder, stuffing gourmet BIRD seed (you'll note I don't buy SQUIRREL seed!) into his capacious maw. It's a hot day (93F with a humidex of 107F), and Mr. Squirrel is enjoying his rather relaxed meal when who should appear but....

...ANOTHER NON-Bird, here to enjoy the BIRD seed. Yes, it is one of the FOUR resident raccoons who visit daily and nightly and sometimes hourly to sample the delights of my gourmet BIRD seed.

And Miz Raccoon ain't gonna be stopped by no stinking squirrel. But Squizzy remains blissfully unaware, no doubt dreaming of bigger and better peanuts, oblivious to the masked invader creeping up behind him:

But soon enough, reality hits Squizzy square in the furry behind. It's time to leave. If raccoons can pull chickens through wire fencing (think of a colander. Or a cheese grater!) they can no doubt dispatch a rodent in short order (although I doubt squirrel tastes better than my gourmet BIRD seed.)

Squizzy seems a tad bewildered by what has just happened: "Hey! Hey! I was enjoying that!" Miz Raccoon replies, "Piss off or I will make an appetizer of thee!"

The animal pair briefly notice the camerawoman with the long lens...

... but shortly thereafter, Squizzy threw in the towel and left the spoils to the one with the greater digestive capacity and the sharper teeth.

This little story is in honour of the red squirrel who Saturday made the foolish, foolish, FOOLISH decision to enter the cage of the ORANGE OBLIVION:

Saturday morning, Gordon went out to fetch Julius, aka The Orange Oblivion. Poor Gordon not only found a cat in the kitty palace, but also the rear half of a red squirrel, festively decorating the bottom of the cage. The Orange Oblivion had quite the smug smile on his face for the rest of the day.

Squirrels have been tormenting The Orange Oblivion for months. They love to run back and forth mere inches from the cage door, practically waggling their tongues. At last, The Orange Oblivion has exacted his bloody revenge. Believe me, I don't condone this hunting behaviour! Half the reason we got this cage (from The Cat's Den) was to prevent the massacre of small birds and rodents. But if they are going to take it upon themselves to ENTER the DEN OF DEATH, well....



  1. I love your series of squirrel/coon action shots! What drama!

    And I find it hard to feel too sorry for the squirrel that met its fate with the Orange Oblivion. Squirrels are all demented anyway.

  2. Very cool shots. What a nauty Orange Oblivion.

    I love your veggie pizza. We make pizza near-weekly here too. It's the only way I can get my vegan pizzas the exact way that I want them.

    I emailed you my email addy but it bounced back yesterday.

  3. Love the story! Such drama! Such humor!

    Now if they could just get past their differences it would make a great romance too! :-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


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