Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Classic Haiku

Back in around 1991, my hubster (then boyfriend) and I entered some haiku contest at McGill University. I can't remember the rules but it had something to do with fruits and veg. So I wrote two haikus and we submitted them, lying by claiming that Gordon had written one (my soul is forever stained with that sin.)

Of course, "Gordon's" haiku WON the contest and was even on the local evening news! His prize was a bag of rice presented to him by a McGill mascot, a rather crazed martlet.

I think it's time for a wider audience to enjoy our, I mean, MY haikus. So I present to you some of my best haiku work:

Tofu tornado
White bean curd does the rumba!
Soy snowflakes fall fast

The mighty kumquat
Fruit freedom fighter flees fridge
I step on it. OOPS!

Thank you. Thank you very much!

These classic haikus are copyrighted by me for all eternity, so don't be stealing them and entering them in a contest so that you can win a bag of rice!

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  1. Anonymous11:03 pm

    The kumquat one won the contest, right?? :)) That was awfully nice of you to let the C use one of your haikus. Do you think that's why he later married you ... so you would not tell McGill about his PLAGIARISM?

    ;) of course he is exonerated now because he is the real author of an entire book.


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