Sunday, June 04, 2017

Cat saga

No, this is not #18...

Say hello to Oliver. He has quite a story. And after he is neutered and vaccinated tomorrow, he is going to a super-loving home in Ottawa.

Oliver is safe in our barn right now, but he has had a traumatic time of things.

A few weeks back, he started hanging out at the facility my friend works at. It is a huge place, and clearly he was dumped. He is perhaps 10 months old (I will get a better guesstimate from my vet.)

He liked the kitchen area of this place, so the staff put out a blanket for him and started feeding him and cuddling him. He is SUPER DUPER CUDDLY and calm, friendly and sweet.

After about a week or two of this, my friend talked to me about him and we decided that he would come here and I would adopt him out. So a week ago this past Friday, he was due to arrive.

But the Thursday night before, a rather dubious member of the building's staff up took Oliver home, even though he knew we were going to rehome him, and even though he has two cats and two dogs in his apartment already, and even though he has a reputation as a sh*tty pet owner.

So of course everyone worried about Oliver, and begged the guy to bring him back if he changed his mind.

Instead he threw Oliver out on the streets of Cornwall a few days later, on the night of a raging thunderstorm.

We were all incensed and thought we would never see this cat again. He was tossed out last Wednesday. My friend and her co-worker and a sister started searching for him Thursday.

This past Friday morning, I got a call. Oliver had miraculously been found, and was on his way to the farm. My friend's sister found him sitting on a sidewalk in the worst part of Cornwall, an area full of feral and uncared-for cats. She scooped him up and brought him here. I think what saved him is the fact that he is so calm and outgoing. Other cats would have hidden away.

And so, Oliver is now safe. Tomorrow he is being neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and health-checked, and then he is going to what I think will be his dream home in Ottawa, where he will live as in indoor cat with a new sister. If there are any issues, he will come back here, but he is such an awesome, laid-back cat, I really think this will work out!

Right now he is catching up on some beauty sleep and getting lots of love and attention from us and anyone who visits the farm.

And a POX on people who dump and abuse animals! We are all so grateful this story will have a happy ending... so many don't.

Yay, Oliver! And yay me for not keeping him... I don't need 18 cats! And I promised Gordon I wouldn't keep him, and Gordon believed me. He is always so supportive of my animal rescue endeavours.

Send good thoughts for Oliver for a smooth neutering tomorrow, a swift recovery, and a long happy life as a cherished furry family member.


  1. Good luck Oliver! Although I think he's already proven the level of luck he was born with.
    What is it about black cats? My last - and likely best - cat was Satchel, who had exactly the same personality.

  2. Such wonderful news. you have a heart of gold I'm so glad to hear Oliver will get the chance he deserves and the humans he needs.
    As for the subhuman that dumped him karma is a b****.

  3. God bless you for rescuing Oliver !!!

  4. 1Thank you for helping save Oliver and find him a new home. What a sweet boy! I can't even begin to say enough bad words about people who abuse and dump any animal. Thank goodness he was found. I cuddle my sweet Annie every day and thank whoever rescued her for their kindness.

  5. Thank you for taking care of him until he gets to his furever home. Have a happy life, Oliver!

  6. I will be praying for Oliver tomorrow. You are so kind to help him.

  7. Some of these little critters experience a horrendous life. Only a few end up at your place.

  8. What a relief that it has turned out this way. Will keep a good thought for Oliver today!

  9. *pounds head on desk and mutters* I really hate people..

    Purrs for Oliver and an easy transition into his new home.

  10. That's a strange story. Why in the world would that person take him home when he knew a home had already been found? People can certainly be weird. Glad that everything turned out OK.

  11. I just hate when people are so insensitive dumping animals. I have three cats from someone who dumped them in our neighborhood--they were barely 6 weeks old. I agree "Pox!" I'm glad Oliver is going to a good home and that guy should be arrested!

  12. This guy is pathological. He took the cat to hurt those at work who cared for Oliver or there was one particular person he wanted to hurt or show power over. This type of individual scares me like hell. Their evil knows no bounds.

  13. What an ass! I'm so glad your friend's sister could find Oliver as this story could have had such a different ending. (as I realize you know).

    All the best to Oliver and his new forever family. He deserves nothing less.

  14. Poor Oliver. I hope that person got fired. Someone like that should not be working with animals.

  15. The poor little guy - it is amazing the way these animals [who have faced such horrible adversity] manage to remain open and loving and wonderful. Hooray for Oliver!!

  16. What a happy ending! We have never got a cat from a shelter - they all came to us, most likely abandoned - in Quebec, every moving day, July 1 when leases are up, there are hundreds dumped, and not all land up at the SPCA. We are on rescue #24, and he we saved when the owner across the street was dying from cancer last spring, and he made us promise to take in his beloved little Kobi. It was a sad and emotional time for everyone - his dog was euthanized due to old age and growing cancer lumps. Just thinking about it all again brings tears. But Kobi is doing well ( Bless you for saving all these beautiful animals!


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