Tuesday, August 23, 2016

There are still plenty of good people in the world...

These arrived this weekend...

...a really kind woman named Sharron saw my wish list on the Bee Meadow Farm Facebook page and offered me some pears and apples from her overloaded trees. The pigs, goats, ponies, horses, donkey and birds ALL love these!

Then today Sharron brought more fruit, AND our friends Nick and Kim stopped by with a load of apples from their trees...

We now spend a sizeable chunk of our weekly grocery money on fruit and veg for the animals, so these were such a great donation!

Juliet the Runner-duck cross was pleased!

So was Jackie the Pekin duck. 

Here's Genny waiting for HER apple...

So when I'm feeling down in the dumps about the seemingly rampant ugliness in the world, I will think about kind people who bring fruit for our rescue animals! I do believe there are many good people out there. 

But this guy isn't always good...

...he is, however, frigging CUTE! Monty is six months old now and HUGE. He is really doing very well looking after and living with the goats and pigs. I have to remind myself he's still a puppy. Sometimes he wants to play with the pigs and goats, and that's a no-no, so I tell him to quit it and try to give him something else to play with. But overall he's a smart, good dog and we are so pleased with him.

Here is is, keeping an eye on things!

One of these things is not like the others...

...one of these things just doesn't belong!

Handsome boy! But he really comes alive at night. He's definitely a night-shift worker. It's amazing how he quickly he springs into action when he hears the coyotes start howling. His instinct is a fantastic thing.

And next to the goats, we now have a new horse pasture...

Finney and Saul have been hanging with the big horses, Sandy and Roo! It's really cute.

And Patrick, our newest pig addition from the SPA de l'Éstrie in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is fitting in really well...

He is such a cute guy. Apparently he went through something like six homes before coming here. He was in foster care for a year before this with a wonderful woman, but her three pigs just refused to accept Patrick. Here he seems to have made friends with Henry and Jersey, and everyone else is fine with him too. I told Patrick that this will be his last home, and he has nothing to worry about now.

Hard to believe August is drawing to a close... hope you're all having a good summer!


  1. Yes, there still are some good people in this world. We have to keep telling ourselves that, but it's always nice when they turn up just when you need them!

  2. Apple treats for everyone! How generous!

  3. Wonderful friends! I love all the pics of the animals you rescue!

  4. Those were great donations for the animals! I never thought of ducks eating fruit, though. I knew chickens would peck at everything!

  5. it does my heart good to know that this little pig has a real home where he can be forever.

  6. love seeing all the animals....and you are so right that with everything bad you see on the news, the little things that people do for each other to lift them up mean that much more

  7. I adore your blog, Natalie, and the entire cast of characters. Have you ever thought of having a "working" farm where people could pay to spend a few days while they do some work for you? Not in your home of course...but maybe a Bunkie of sorts? Maybe something to ponder??? I would definitely love to pay/work on a farm for a few days.

  8. It sounds like you need a full time administrator to run the operation.

  9. You are so right! Lots of good people...

  10. Such a Wonderful gesture! Nice to know there are still some kind people. LOVE all your photos!

  11. YAY for kindness!!!! Wish I would win the lottery and I would help! LOVE MONTY!! What a cutie! Love ALL of the animals! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. how wonderfully kind.. and what a welcomed gift


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