Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yee ha!

This photo cracks me up...'s a shot of me and my favourite steed at the horse show we participated in earlier this spring. The photo was taken by the very talented Deborah Wilson. I adore her photography!!!

Also I am impressed Gordon didn't buck me off. :)

Meanwhile, this morning Alex was doing a little light reading...

...while Mootie...

...was blatantly disobeying the "NO CATS ON THE TABLE!" rule, while the better-behaved Naomi smugly looked on.

Louise ignores that rule too...

...and makes it damn difficult to read a newspaper!

And here's a chicken!

Emma is 5 this year. She's the same hen who hid a nest in the barn in 2013 and showed up one day with 11 chicks!

And here is Emerson...


And dear old Tristan...

...Lord of whatever he wants to be lord of! :)

Hope you're having a SMASHING week!


  1. All your animals are gorgeous and well loved. Looks like you two are having fun too! Such a pleasure to read your blog.

    Julie Q

  2. The arrangement of Emma's feathers make her look slightly bonkers.
    It's good to see what versatile riding skills you've developed.You and Gordon are a couple that warms the heart.

  3. but if they are on the mat or the newspaper, are they really ON the table? haha

  4. Well, the week is better now! Thanks for the wonderful pics. Our cats a so much better trained. They don't go on the table when we're looking (usually). We only know where they've been (usually) by the paw prints. Also, the only reason Gordon was unable to buck you off was because you had him in a death-grip choke-hold.

  5. I'm sure that's some sort of secret code the cats slipped in...!

  6. So good to see the inside furbabies!

  7. So good to see the inside furbabies!

  8. That's a beautiful shot of Alex... and the others too of course. Louise looks a lot like our Ghost. And Emma looks Amish with her feathery beard. My daughter has one that also hides her eggs... and unexpectently increases the chick population.

  9. You have some first class performers including the horse and rider.

  10. The photos of your animals just makes me so happy!

  11. I just love it! You have the most photogenic animals EVER!!! Love the photo of you and hubby too! catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Great photos! We gave up the no cats on the table rule years ago :)

  13. love all of the comments, especially Marty Damon's declaration that "The arrangement of Emma's feathers make her look slightly bonkers"....that was a good chuckle...

  14. Emma's got a story to tell. I can see it in her eyes. : )

  15. A lovely series of photographs. The top one makes me smile too :-)


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