Thursday, May 26, 2016

The goats of GOAT MOUNTAIN!

The goats are having an absolute blast on Goat Mountain. Look at my beautiful Daphne!

Luc, creator of Goat Mountain, put several flat rocks on it. The goats love these perches and often take a nap on them. Or like Daphne, just flaunt their gorgeousness!



My sweet Roise

This is why I frequently smell like goat these days!!

Little Debbie

I admit it. Goats have stolen my heart!

Hawkeye, Genny and Debbie. Mama and twins. The little family units tend to group together. All the kids, even the triplets born January 9, are still nursing! I think the mamas naturally wean them somewhere around five months.

Genny and Daphne

And Geoff thinks he owns this thing!

Annabelle begs to differ.


  1. I love your goats too, Natalie and I love the Goat Mountain. Debbie is the sweetest little thing. And the adults are all gorgeous. I would be around them all day too.

  2. Goat Mountain is the 8th wonder of the world

  3. Your goats are awesome, and all look so happy.

  4. Love goat mountain!!! They are the cutest guys and gals!

  5. I love all the goat photos. And what a gorgeous day you had for taking them.

  6. So fun to watch these goats. I love goats.

  7. In my next life I want to come back as one of Natalie's goats!

  8. Your goats are the luckiest goats om the world to have all that good stuff to play on.

  9. love goat mountain (and the play set)


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