Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring, cute animals, what more could you ask for?

These two!

We adopted Alex in 2007 from the OSPCA in Cornwall. He had been found caught in a leghold trap and some kind soul took him to the shelter. They amputated his legs, and six weeks later, we adopted him. Then in the fall of 2008, I was reading in bed late one night when I heard a kitten crying outside. Ran out out to find Naomi, six weeks old and very hungry (and no doubt dumped!!) Alex took her under his wing and they have been best buddies ever since.

And look at this adorable fellow!

This is Hawkeye, chewing his cud but looking more like he has a sly grin!  And here's his sister...

...Debbie, who is a beautiful little goat. These twins were born March 16 and named after our friends Shawn (whose nickname is Hawkeye) and Debbie!

And here's Hawkeye and Pierre having a little tête-à-tête!

Pierre was the only goat kid who didn't get disbudded, because in all the chaos surrounding Daphne's C-section and subsequent brush with death, it got put off too long. So Pierre gets to keep his horns, leaving us with three goats with horns and ten without. We removed horns because they are dangerous to humans and other goats. Kevin and Geoff, our two adult males with horns, are very gentle but I am currently sporting two significant bruises on my leg just from  being brushed by their horns. It's a lot easier keeping them without horns. Geoff also used his horn to put a huge gash in Kevin's scrotal area this winter, which necessitated two vet visits and a lot of after care.

But little Pierre does look cute with his horns...

...and he loves to be scratched between them!

And here's my sweet Luc, who will finally be neutered in June.

He's so cute. And his voice is changing! Much deeper now. He and his sisters Rosie and Annabelle were born January 9.

And this is Neil the Orpington Splash rooster...

...we adopted him and some hens from the OSPCA last year. He is named after our friend Neil, who is a devoted reader of the blog. Neil, at least I picked a handsome one to be your namesake!! ;)

Spring is trying its best to make an appearance. The boys are going back out on pasture for short periods every day...

Finney's hair is more luxurious than mine, damn it.

Saul is happy, as per usual.

And it was our 23rd wedding anniversary this past weekend!

We went out for supper at Sheep's Head Bistro in Cornwall, one of my very favourite local restaurants.

Gordon and I have been a couple for 27 years now, married for 23. I am so impressed we haven't killed each other yet! ;)


  1. Huh! Luc's voice is changing, just like a boy's voice changes during puberty. I had no idea goats' voices changed.

  2. As usual, love your pics! Your Naomi looks a lot like our Molly did when she was young. We lost her last year at 21. The goats are adorable and that is one good looking rooster!

  3. I love seeing all your sweet animals!! Happy Spring.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love all the photos. Good to hear that spring has arrived, we've got rain and damp today but needed it as it has been hot and dry this past 10 days or so.

  5. This post is the real deal. You cover everybody in this post. Goats are quite the characters.

  6. That Pierre is a cutie, bending his head for a scratching! Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a cute bunch of animals--what more could I ask for "Hump" day!

  8. We love seeing Alex and Naomi! What a sweet duo.
    how about a bit more about them?
    Happy Anniversary! The ones that want to murder each other on occasion seem also to be the ones that love each other madly!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! So glad to see the pic of Naomi & Alex. Alex looks quite perturbed having his pic taken or was it because his privacy was invaded! Lol!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! So glad to see the pic of Naomi & Alex. Alex looks quite perturbed having his pic taken or was it because his privacy was invaded! Lol!

  11. This was a total delight! I had to pin the first goat picture! So darling! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Ahh, Spring! 33 years of wedded bliss here and she hasn't killed me, so far.

  13. Belated congratulations on your anniversary! Truly a match made in an all-creatures-great-and-small heaven. :)

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary! We've made it to 14 years, but I am wife #3!
    How on earth does your cat manage? Wow.


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