Sunday, January 03, 2016

No kidding... yet. Sigh!

First of, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing you all a most wonderful 2016!


...we are still on kid-watch here. Because I don't have any idea when Penny was bred, knowing when her kid will be born is a crap-shoot. Plus I am such an ignoramous when it comes to goats! Some goat friends have been helping out. One thinks the kid or kids will be here January 8th, another thinks the 3rd week of January... sigh. All I know, after staring at poor Penny's whoo-ha every day since December 22, is that she's not ready yet!

Genny and Penny did enjoy some spruce boughs yesterday!

Penny can't understand why I keep photographing her backside!

Genny can't understand why she's being kept prisoner with the preggars one!

Today I completely cleaned out their stall...

...and put in nice fresh straw! Redford came to inspect. When the baby is nigh, you can't leave a bucket of water in there just case maamaa gives birth into it. But I'm confident now that nothing is imminent, so they have a bucket for now.


...Tristan got a cruller from his friend Luc!

And he loved it! Luc is doing lots of work at our place, and he often gives me a hand with things like goat-wrangling or hoof-picking. He has a soft spot for Tristan and often brings him treats.

Meanwhile, poor Henry... integrated with the other OSPCA pigs, but he's not thrilled. The poor guy, I don't think he realizes he's a pig. He seems appalled by the louts he lives with. We are still giving him extra love and attention.

The winter pen is really warm and comfy now that the granary has been spray-foam insulated. And once we got the propane set up, the whole place will have heated floors, too.

 The other goats are enjoying winter...

...and hay!

Kevin has magnificent horns. He's a very good boy! He and Geoff have recovered well from their neutering in November.

Today everyone got some spruce boughs, and later Gordon took them our entire Christmas tree!

Geoff highly approves!

They are really nice boys.

Finally went snow-shoeing on New Year's day!

New Year's eve, we visited the critters down in the barn...

There were many cats.

And kisses for Buttercup!


  1. Wonderful photos, Natalie. Love the ones in the chair. I got snow-shoes for Christmas so I'll be heading out on them soon. Looks like fun. "Happy New Year to you and Gordon." Hugs to Tristan.

  2. Catching up on your December posts. December kind of flew over here... at least the last few weeks. So good to see you and your animals again. I just put up the Ontario SPCA calendar on our wall! Can't wait to see pics of the kids...

  3. What a spoiled bunch of critters!

    Wishing you, Gordon and the menagerie good health and much joy for 2016.

  4. I want to come play on your farm too!!!
    Happy New Year's to you and Gordon and the zoo!

  5. Happy New Years to you and all the critters. Just love the cats curled up on your beautiful chair.

  6. Happy new year. all the best for 2016. You must be kept very busy looking after all the critters.

  7. Happy New Year both.
    A watched goat never boils!

  8. I wish my cats liked each other that much! They barely tolerate each other in their sphere at feeding time. ONCE IN AWHILE they will lounge on opposite ends of the couch.

  9. Wonderful photos ! It is tiring waiting for the goats to give birth especially when you don't know when exactly from the get go lol ! Hope they all do well in their birthing and the little kiddos are all healthy . Oh Tristan gets YUMMY ! donuts as treats , our Miggs cant eat them they make her sick gives her gas and plugs her up lol found that out the hard way one day . Happy New Year to you all there . Lots of snow there , none here on the ground yet just cold lol ! I guess January 14th the kids will be born lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. "after staring at poor Penny's whoo-ha every day since December 22"

    Whoo-has are like kettles and pots (in some respects), you know... a watched one never boils. The whoo-ha will whoo and ha in its own good time and probably when you are not watching

  11. Happy New year from Boston! Here's to a successful goat birth experience. Love seeing the cat swarm in the barn, as well as the cat pile on the chair!

  12. per usual, your family photos bring joy to my heart...

  13. January 8? That is Elvis's birthday I think sure to name it Elvis! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  14. Can I come live in your barn? I want heated floors! I love, love, love reading your critter news and seeing all of the wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing your story.


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