Monday, January 25, 2016


Sorry for the lack of posts... I seem to be living and breathing goats these days!

My pretty girl Genny!

The kids think Maamaa is a trampoline. We put a straw bale in there for them to jump on instead of her.

Right now, we are still supplemental bottle-feeding three times a day. The kids are gaining weight nicely.

Gordon and Rosie

Me feeding Annabelle.

On January 16, Rosie weight 7.5 lbs, Annabelle weighed 8.5 lbs and Luc weighed 9 lbs. Yesterday (Jan 24) Rosie weighed 10.75 lbs, Annabelle weighed 11.5 lbs and Luc weighed 12.75. So they each gained at least three pounds in the past week. Yay!

My little Rosie, who we nearly lost on day 2. She is doing great now!

Keaton thinks the kids are amazing! in fact, all the cats seem fascinated by them.

Penny was initially trying to butt all the cats away, but she seems to think they are okay now...

She has a new buddy in Keaton.

It was a sweet moment. (And Penny's overgrown hooves were all trimmed today!)

Rosie is fascinated by the cats. Buttercup doesn't look so sure!

Buttercup playing king of the mountain (or queen?) with Penny and Luc.

Luc is cuter than cute.

The human Luc built the goats a beautiful insulated stock tank. We stick the hose in the end of that PVC piping to fill the tank from the other side of the fence, where the hydrant it!

My friend Luc and I tackled goat hooves today. It went very well! Poor Kevin didn't know what hit him.

Meanwhile, the bromance between Emerson and Saul continues...

And more goats in coats...


  1. Those goats in coats walk funny! and they are getting BIG!!! :)
    Keaton is just everybody's buddy! so cute!

  2. It's so sweet that the cats have taken to Saul and the goats.

  3. I just want to click a LOVE button, if there was one. Cute overload!

  4. I'm glad Keaton has some friends!

  5. So cute! This made my day!

  6. Lovely post, videos and photos . Oh they are all so cute and glad all are doing well ! Life is busy on the farm ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  7. Way too much fun in your barn. I keep reminding my self there's a lot of work involved in all that cuteness.

  8. What is it about goat faces .... ADORBS!!!!
    Love the bouncy lil things.
    Keep on sharin

  9. Your animals are wonderful, as usual. But, oh, the work.

  10. Keep the pictures coming! So-oo cute!

  11. I'll bet these little guys can make a big racket.


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