Friday, January 23, 2015

Many many cats and much much orange!

Brace yourself, I took a lot of cat photos this week and they aren't even all in this post. More to come!

I love this photo of my beautiful Honey (if I do say so myself!) She is the SWEETEST cat and loves to be picked up and cuddled. She has a tendency to follow me to the house, then run in after me. :) I think she is trying to tell me that this barn cat stuff is all nonsense. Tonight she had her supper in the kitchen with the other house cats, because I called Emerson and she came running in with him!

This is our beautiful Buttercup enjoying some warm winter sun at the back of the barn. She's one of our three Greek kitties adopted through my friend Joan's God's Little People cat rescue in Greece.

This is her sister Daisy, enjoying the sun while balanced precariously on an up-ended board.

And the third sister, Honey. The back of the barn faces south and it can get quite warm along that wall when the sun is out.

I think Buttercup was watching the ponies!

Buttercup and Honey shared this poopy chair. The chickens like it too!

And then...

...Finney ran up to check out Daisy, who was not impressed (note tail!)

She kept an eye on him!

Greek cats everywhere!

Honey got up on the board to look at Esme, who is much more cat-positive. Honey jumped down into Esme's box stall last night while Esme was having supper and sat in the hay. Esme just sniffed her a few times and kept eating. It was very sweet. Honey is the cat most obsessed by the ponies. She is always hanging around their stalls!

A little later, Daisy and Buttercup shared the poopy chair!

Sweet sisters!

And Buttercup is quite the acrobat!


...enjoys a patch of sun by the box stalls.

I think this is Buttercup. Unless it's not!

And Missy, our adorable calico! She's a true Canadian. Pip sometimes plays a little too rough with her. I think that's why she has some scratches on her nose.

She is an exquisite little cat!

She also loves the ponies. At her last home, she had two donkey friends she was very close to.


Emerson watching Honey and Daisy have a literal roll in the hay!

Emerson (top) gets a long really well with the three Greek girls, and especially Honey (front). I often find him running around with Honey.

Buttercup again.

Emerson and Daisy went outside for a walk around the snowy garden.

I wonder if Daisy (or is that Buttercup?!) is dreaming of the Greek island she left behind?

They do stand out on the snow! And I like the big shadow Daisy is casting.

Cats are fabulous. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and thank you for all your kind and fun comments!


  1. The trio are such beautiful cats. I love this series of photos. They each have their own beauty. I love how they hang around together. Poor Missy, I wonder why Pip is being a bully. There seems to always be one in the crowd. I hope Mootie gets along with them.

  2. Now I really like the old wagon wheel the cats are playing in. There are very few of them left anymore.

    1. We have two of them, Red! Really I should have brought them inside a few years back to stop them from deteriorating, but they've been out there for such a long time!

  3. Loved all the photos. Such pretty cats.

  4. That is just such a stunning series of photos Natalie!! I love the particular golden glow of ALL the orange you've captured here - just so beautiful. It appears to me that there's something about these three that was always destined to go to live with you. They seem like they've lived (and ruled!) with you forever! Looks like Emerson has got his work cut out trying to keep this ginger trio in line :-) I love just how goofy Buttercup gets sometimes!
    Missy is gorgeous. She looks like such a quiet, wise and beautiful soul.

  5. Cat paradise even in the deep of winter. Love the pics. And a great weekend to you, too.

  6. If I were you, I'd probably 200 photos a day of those cats. So many incredible photos to comment on. What a wonderful gang!

  7. Wonderful photos of pretty kitties ! I like cats but deep down am more of a dog person ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Still catless here (after losing our dear, dear 16 year old guy) until after we take a trip this winter, so your photos were balm for the soul.

  9. The first photo certainly is a lovely shot of Honey, and Buttercup certainly is flexible twisting her way around the wagon wheel! All the kitties look very happy.

  10. How wonderful to see these three doing so well. Love all the photos!

  11. Love all of these! But I especially love the first one - Honey in the wagon wheel. Love the weathered barn behind her, composition, everything. I also enjoy all of the variations of orange fur colors - how Emerson and Honey seem to have a pinkish tone to their furs.

  12. Such beauties- all of them. I love the one laying on the wagon wheel :)

  13. Really gorgeous pictures! We love all the orange kitties!

  14. They are really beautiful Natalie. And obviously very content.

  15. What gorgeous kitties! I have a soft spot for ornj kitties...they are so sweet. Especially love the photo of the acrobat!!

  16. Fantastic photos!

  17. Great shots! Especially the acrobatics ("I meant to do that!") I have but two orange kitties. One is with me as I type.

  18. these are all simply breathtaking and the cats all look so healthy and happy!!!!! I think you should sell some of these, make them into notecards!

  19. beautiful photos.. I love buttercup watching the ponies, and buttercup the acrobat the best though :)

  20. I'm so happy that the three girls have found such a great home with you! I was the one, who tried to find them a place by a fosterer in Germany for finding them a forever home. But sadly (or shall I better say luckily for the three girls) something went wrong and suddenly I didn't hear anything from that fosterer lady, who said she would organize everything with Joan. Love your photos and it makes me smile to see, how happy they are and yes, it was Honey, who immediately grabbed my heart. Have fun and give all of them a big cuddle.
    Take care

    1. THank you for that lovely note, Alex! :)


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!