Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A wee bit nippy!

The typical Canadian January is setting in. It was a wee bit nippy when I got up this morning:

It will get colder before the week is out. Thank goodness for central heating!

The barn cats...

...are either intrepid or insane. Granted, Daisy and Missy didn't stay out for long!

Don't feel too bad for them. The barn cats have two rooms of their own in the barn, with heated beds and Sweeter Heaters!

What have we here?

Why it's that naughty Redford sharing a bed with two of the Greek girls, Buttercup (L) and Honey (centre)!

Buttecup was falling asleep sitting up. Not only did they have the Sweeter Heater, they had one of these underneath them:

You heat these SnuggleSafe disks in the microwave and they stay warm for hours! The house cats love them too.

The ponies' water buckets froze solid overnight:

Fortunately their outdoor stock tank has a heater.

Charlotte and the turkeys bravely ventured outdoors while I did chores!

And Charlotte rode around on my shoulder for a while, as she likes to do.

"Please don't peck out my eyeball, Charlotte!" Hens do love shiny things! 

Charlotte is now 5-1/2 years old, the only one remaining from our initial flock of 13. She has had a respiratory issue for a couple of years and sounds a bit like she smokes two packs a day, but apart from that, she's going great and her feathers are looking beautiful. She still pops out an egg every now and then too!

And this guy is as yet unnamed. He is one of Speedy's babies. She hid a nest in the barn this summer and showed up one day with ten chicks. Sigh!

Stay warm out there!


  1. Ha ha, Missy and Daisy do look a bit like they've lost a marble or two - certainly Daisy does, lol!! What lovely images Natalie and I LOVE those images of you and Charlotte. Big hug to you all!

  2. I think your barn kitties have it better than my house cats!!!
    And that is one gorgeous rooster!

  3. Mr Attitude! The rooster, not gorgeous Redford!
    Jane x

  4. Loved all the photos and I think Mr. Nameless is a bit miffed that you have failed to come up with one yet. Is it cold enough for you.....oh lordy!

  5. Hahaha love the pictures of the three gingers snuggling together.

    We are glad that our temperatures seldom drop below 0 deg C in the winter, although it is summer here and a bit grey and gloomy.

  6. These guys are pampered with a capital P.

  7. Love seeing the orange cats all jammed into the snuggly bed! Those turkeys are gorgeous!

  8. At least our 5 is on the other side of 0 in the mornings. Stay warm.

  9. Brrrrr....I thought we had it cold in New England. I love the photos of the kitties huddling.

  10. NIPPY ? girl it is BLOODY cold !! lol ! Oh I do like Charlotte I had a banty hen named Charlotte she had black and tan feathers oh so pretty she was when I was a kid on our farm she was awesome ! Love that the kitties are keeping snug as a bug in a rug in the barn , Yes thank god for central heat gas furnace for us and a fire place as well here lol ! Lovely photos , thanks for sharing have a good day and stay cozy !

  11. so glad the kitties are safe and warm! Here in the Detroit area it is BITTER too! The kitties look warm and cozy for sure!

  12. I find it a whole lard harder looking after the coop in these terribly cold temps. I got worried about the girls, even though there is a heater in there, and hauled an extra bale of hay in there. They had a blast redecorating the place!

  13. The lowest I've experienced is about minus 10 C, which for me is HELL. Have you thought of moving somewhere warmer?

  14. Oh I just had to scroll up and down and up again, to see how comfortable and well-cared for your pets are. So precious. I love the shots of Redford and the two Greek (albeit) sleepy beauties. And the photos of you and Charlotte are too sweet. She is good-looking for her age. Have a great day. Jo

  15. Redford, you old dog you!!
    And the barn cat lolling on the driveway are the Canadian version of mad dogs and Englishmen out in the noonday sun.

  16. Those cats snuggling under the heater are so cute :-)

  17. Those kitty heaters are a great idea. I think my Oscar kitty would like one--he has arthritis in his back leg.
    The photo of them all cuddled together is sweet.
    Charlotte makes me smile =)

  18. I love all the pictures. That one of the three kitties is just so cute! Wow! It does look cold there!

  19. What a wonderful family you have!!! I love the cat heaters. Our 5 cats are all house cats, but they'd love this!

  20. MINUS 25??? You've got to be kidding. As always, I love your photos. The cat threesome is adorable.


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