Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope it's a happy and healthy year for all of you. Thank you for reading my blog, and all your kind comments.

Last night we had our traditional New Year's Eve chocolate fondue...

Yes, we ate pretty much all of that. I even made poundcake from scratch yesterday!

Julius wanted to share it with us...

After gorging, we spent some quality time with the barn kitties.

Mootie loves to be brushed and I make an effort to brush her every day.

We have two "cat rooms" in the barn, which they seem to love. This room has 100 bales of hay on top of it upstairs, and is quite warm and cozy! I lined the bottom of the walls with straw bales to keep out any floor-level drafts.

We were covered in mostly-orange kitties last night!

Honey was waiting for her turn to be brushed!

Redford grabbed my lap, as per usual. He gets jealous of the other kitties and will literally boot them off my lap!

Daisy was having fun on the stone wall.

It took Gordon a little while to notice her!

That cooler is actually a little feral cat shelter we made last year. It's lined with straw and has an entrance cut in the side.

I wondered if Daisy's paw was cold in this photo?

Later, Buttercup and Daisy were on rodent patrol. I think they heard something scurrying across the top of the stone wall.

Buttercup also thought Gordon made a fine bed!

Then I got out a wand toy with a tiny stuffed tiger and the fun began. Daisy did NOT want to let go of her prey!

Redford and Pip are watching from the background. That's Mootie at the front left, and Honey on the right. Gordon got very comfortable in the straw. At one point, all seven cats were in there with us!

And here's some video  of the action. I accidentally called Buttercup "Daisy" and Daisy "Buttercup" in there. Daisy has the white nose!

Happy 2015!


  1. I just love the pics! And I LOVE your barn. I really so wish we had a place like that for the outdoor kitties, so perfect!! I can see Gordon would make a comfy "barn-sofa" for the kitties ;-) Unfortunately I can't watch the video here, but I'll probably catch it on FB? XO to your lovely barn crew.

  2. What a happy family! Here's to a fantastic 2015 to you and yours, Natalie!

  3. Awww- they just love you guys.

  4. Happy New Year to Gordon and you, Knatolee. May there be lots of health upon you.

  5. Happy New Year to you too :-)

  6. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

  7. you made me hungry :) HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love the barn too!!!

  8. So these critters had a very special New Years Day. They're pretty lucky

  9. You're always making the most delightful things to eat!
    We love seeing the barn kitties so happy, They'd all make wonderful house cats you know. It looks like they love people. What wonderful adventures await them when the warm weather comes.
    Have a wonderful blessed New Year. You deserve it.
    Kiss the kitties for us.

  10. The barn cat room looks more fun than being a house cat! I must admit I'm craving fondue right now.

  11. Hope you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

  12. My goodness, you two have such fun there.
    And every single one of your cats is adorable.
    Happy New Year, Natalie!

  13. Love the pics! Cats (and Gordon) look happy and content... ; )

  14. Looks like a darn fine way to spend New Year's to me!

  15. I agree that Gordon makes a fine bed ;)

  16. Now that chocolate fondue thing sounds like something I would like to try! I also would not mind living with all those kitties in all that straw in your cozy looking barn. Happy New Year!

  17. Anonymous12:02 pm

    What a cozy space for the cats!
    You did a great job of recording your Christmas and New Year,
    I enjoyed reading about your holiday. Have a wonderful 2015!

  18. The cats look very content in their barnyard space and it sounds so warm and cosy. It's so great that you make an effort to brush your cat daily. I know just how much work it can be. Happy New Year to you.

  19. Pound cake from scratch? Is that like wine from water? Gold from straw? I've looked in markets everywhere and have never found scratch.


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