Sunday, July 27, 2014

Peek-a-boo, I hate you!


"I hate you!"

Sigh... we're putting out traps for garage cat tonight. As soon as we catch her, she's going to the vet for shots and neutering (and we'll find out if she really is a girl!)

I think she's Emerson's mama. Do you see the resemblance?

Their fur is the exact same: light ginger tabby.

I had really been hoping garage cat would warm up to me so the trap wouldn't be necessary but alas, she still hides every time I go in there. We did have a little winking session at each other through the garage window the other day, so I guess I've made the teeniest, tiniest amount of progress, but I feel awful about having to trap her. The vet is going to keep her there until she has recuperated from whatever surgery she's having (spay? neuter?) then we'll bring her back her and let her loose. She's been hanging around here long enough now that I do think she considers our farm home. I'm hoping that maybe I can teach her to come to the garage or barn every night for supper and bedtime. I'll keep you posted. Every time I think about trapping the cat, I start crying... I know it'll be very stressful for her, and she's already stressed enough but we want to make sure she's healthy, vaccinated and fixed, then she can be our pet as much as she wants to!

Meanwhile, Charlotte is an absolutely brilliant mother to her three little chicks...

My geriatric hen and her children, none of which are biologically hers.

She has gone full broody and is doing such a great job! But because she trusts me so much and is so used to being handled, she doesn't flip out when I handle the babies. I am hoping to bring up three little mini-Charlottes (or Charles... Charless.. Charleses, as the case may be!)

Such a sweet little hen mama!
Other than that, I am struggling to keep up with my bees, who are going absolutely nuts this year and making more honey than ever. I am really lucky they are doing so well but I keep running out of equipment (honey supers) for them.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. I'm drooling over the prospect of more honey from the GriningGeckos! Poor garage cat really does look scared. But are are STRONG Knatolie! Remember how you handled those squealing piglets with the vet? Garage cat will learn and love you, too! And Emerson is stunning in his pose and colouring! What a great photo!

  2. Mrs. Emerson will be healthier and happier for the vet attention...hang in there and remember the Big Picture!

  3. You have an awful lot of stuff to keep you busy. It's hard to figure out how people an abandon animals.

  4. Cats are quite happy being loners; all they need is food and somewhere comfortable to sleep (in many cases not even that). I rather like the idea of having several domesticated cats and one or two feral ones, as long as they don't fight.

  5. Don't you just love watching mamma hens teaching the babies how to be chickens?? :-)

    That's a great new piggy shirt. What fun.

    I was glad to hear from you, as I lost all my favorites when I switched computers. I thought I had saved them on a word document, but can't find it either!

    Congrats on your healthy bee hives. We need more people who are committed to the bees in the world! T.

  6. Yep, she looks like Emily's mama. And do not worry so much, she will be doing just fine when you get he fixed.
    Our Dutch is still hanging in, doing one day great and the next not so. We keep our fingers crossed.

  7. I do have a soft spot for orange tabbies - such a sweet fact.
    Your - excuse me, Charlotte's - babies are so round and look so soft I want to pick one up!

  8. Oh, look at the timidness in those eyes...ah...she's sweet. Perhaps the vet will keep her doped up until home time?
    Jane x

  9. The farm of my friend in Wisconsin seems to be the local dumping ground, too. Mostly cats, the occasional dog. Often they can inveigle the cats to come close and be nabbed for the inevitable trip to the vet, but occasionally it's The Trap. And the trip. They remain outdoor cats, but have little igloos for the brutal Wisconsin winters.

  10. I agree they may be related. The anguish will pay off for you eventually.


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