Sunday, March 02, 2014

The pond, c'est fini!

Well, lots of activity around here last week as they dug our new pond in the back pasture. 
The first high hoe was still sinking into the soft ground, even after they cleared off the snow and gave the ground another week to freeze. So they brought in a bigger high hoe with a longer reach, so the operator could dig farther back from the pond. They also brought a huge steel plate for the machine to sit on.

Here they were up at our road, unloading things!

They finished everything up on Thursday, so I went back on Friday for a look! The dogs came along with me.

Sophie was impressed.

They couldn't make the pond as big as they'd hoped (up to an acre) because of the soft ground. But we're pleased with it. It's six feet deep and will make a perfect little skating rink!

Here's one of the high hoes and my intrepid dog.

It has been so cold lately, it didn't take long for the pond to start freezing over.

Tristan was a real trooper walking all the way back there. It was about a three-quarters of a kilometre walk, which is a long way for a stiff old guy with arthritis on a cold day. But he insists on coming along.

The rest of the equipment left on Friday.

Dragging his steel plate behind him!

Emily was most impressed.

Gordon and I walked back there again today...

A beautiful, sunny (and cold!)  day.

Gordon was pleased with the pond.

He also liked climbing on the new piles of dirt all around.

Quite the mountaineer!

Ah yes. Everest-worthy!

I like how my shadow fell exactly on Sophie in this panaromic shot!

They are going to put duck nest boxes and turtle basking platforms down here in the warmer weather!

A job well done.


  1. After looking at your pics, I admit that I had to go back to your complete profile to remember where you live... Canada... of course (although all that snow this year could be anywhere). Your pond looks great! I'll bet you will really enjoy it in the summer.

  2. Oh ,wait until you get ducks! We get herons in one pond, feasting on frogs.
    Jane x

  3. Everest worthy cute lol ! Lovely photos ! Looking forward to seeing what visit's that pond ! It has been cold but wonderfully sunny ! Miggs and I love getting out for our walks and playing in the yard ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. I hope many little critters find a good home in the new pond.

  5. Nice job! We hope those neighboring foxes will leave the duck alone :)

  6. I hope someone will return to smooth-over the ground for you, having recently done something similar BY HAND, I can assure you it's very hard work.

  7. Can`t wait to see the wildlife comming to your pond.

  8. Love the pond. Yeah, keep us updated on the next steps -- more dredging? Plantings? Ducks? And ... will you be swimming there this summer?!?

  9. I'm missing our pond at our home in Washington...but now I can keep up with yours, XOXO

  10. When you say "turtle basking platforms" do you meant that they throw in old tires?

  11. It looks like a major project. It is going to be beautiful and, once you have water, you get a great many animals.

  12. |You are about to embark on years of delight watching the flora and fauna and all the varieties of birds that will arrive over the coming years. Emiliy's eyes are so striking.

  13. The duckies will be pleased!

  14. Your barn ducks are going to be jealous!

  15. Anonymous8:22 am

    A great addition to the property. Will you plant around the site or just let it fill in naturally?

  16. How magical. I'll bet the new opportunity for ice skating makes you hope winter lasts for months and months.

  17. That is so exciting! We want to get a pond dug on our property so bad. We have the perfect spot for one and it would be quite large (several acres). We just have to save up money to pay someone to dig it for us now!


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