Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring. It's the new winter!

I don't believe winter is going to end this year. When we got up this morning, it was -26C. The normal temps should be a high of 6C and  a low of -5C!

It was a little warmer the other day and my long-suffering bees came out on some cleansing (pooping!) flights...

Poor little things!! So cold. If they aren't quick about it, their flight muscles chill and they can't fly. Then they drop to the snow and soon die.

Touch wood, all six of my hives are still alive right now but I won't breathe easy until the first dandelions bloom and I know they're getting in some pollen!

Today I snowshoed out to the field hives for the first time in weeks.

Pretty sure they must have been buried a little while back. They're pretty much still buried!

My trusty bee inspectors braved the cold winds and came along with me!

Poor old Tristan. He plods along but he still loves his walkies!

I liked the shadows these cast!

Sophie still loves winter!

We made it all the way back to the woodlot.

Even Tristan! That tree on the left is our one sugar maple.

They had a little break in the snow!

Okay, well, somebody had an EXTENDED break!

It is supposed to warm up Friday. I'll believe it when I see it!


  1. Your poor bees. We have SCADS (a scientific number) in our yard, going nutso on the citrus and kale flowers.

    1. Oh my, imagine orange blossom honey!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome winter shots...oops I mean spring! Once spring gets here it's going to be very nice. I'll bet you've rarely snow shoed on Mar 24.

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Winter seems like the neverending story this year. At least the dogs are enjoying it!

  4. As you know we track your weather because of our oldest son's location near Winchester, south of Ottawa. We have been feeling smug lately but that seems to change quite often and it will be his turn next. You have taken some great photos. I too enjoyed the two shrubs with their shadows. They look like the want to dance. There I go with the Irish fancifulness again.

  5. The bee inspectors look a bit fed-up with the snow. After a month of wonderful early spring weather we now have rain.... no-one's ever happy.

  6. I watch a show lately about bees here in Germany and one Imker paid for a queen Euro 150,00. Pretty expensive. WOW. He also put a paint drop on her back to identify her.

  7. It's April next you think the snow will be gone by May?
    Jane x

  8. Absolutely best title ever!

  9. It looks very pretty. But enough is enough?

  10. I was shocked driving into work yesterday morning. It was so sunny and cheerful and I couldn't figure out why I was so cold - look up at the temp on my dash, -7... oh that's why....
    At least I've only got a few dirty snow piles left - it's going to take a while for all your fields to melt!

  11. You are right on with that title! Almost all the snow piles are gone, and we are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow. Wah. This morning I saw some bulb shoots peeking out of the ground - there is hope yet.......

  12. As always, gorgeous photos. I'm even getting used to looking at the bees! I can't believe it was nearly 50 degrees (celsius) warmer here. I look forward to seeing your gorgeous photos of spring (but not as much as you are)!

  13. The last time winter was this awful I was your age, and it was far more tolerable. Hope your bees made it in before they chilled.

  14. It is just incredible how cold and snowy it is. Ido hope all your hives make it through this endless winter.

  15. Meanwhile in my neck of the woods it was gorgeous and 67 F. here yesterday. Today it is cold, windy, and snowing. We're getting there ...


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