Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Down in the barn...

...Ophelia is doing great! We just love her. She's full of personality, and no trouble at all. She loves being scratched and brushed:

She looks quite dainty in this picture but she does weigh  about 70 - 80 lbs!

Investigating the lower barn with Gordon.

Our pig is a rocket scientist. She figured out this treat-dispensing toy WAY faster than our dogs ever did! It had some mini-pig pellets, plain popcorn and Cheerios in it. :)

The hens we adopted are very sweet...

This is LeMay, who is quite happy to be held and stroked. I think she'll be another sweetie like my Charlotte.

Gordon is certainly besotted!

Kiss kiss!

Lovely hen!

And the girls are ramping up production again, so I think spring must be around the corner, despite the lingering bitter cold...

Here's Ophelia with one of her old friends...

She keeps invading the birds' "play pools" and eating the hay! :)

Warrent was a bit indignant at first but then said...

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

They all seem quite happy together, but since pigs are capable of devouring chickens, I keep an eye on things.

Not that anyone is looking at all perturbed!

And here's my dork-dog to say hello!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. She looks great, Natalie. Very content already. I wonder if a pig would only attack a chicken if it was really hungry? With that thought, we don't have to worry about O. The increase in egg production is another sign of Spring, I hope. Looks like temps are really rising this weekend in Ontario. Love dork dog. Deb

  2. Pigs are as intelligent as a six year old human. I'm so in love with Ophelia!
    Jane x

  3. Wonderful photos ! I am glad all are doing well ! Hey we have a dorky dog to lol our Miggs . I had a Banty hen named Charlotte when I was a kid on our farm , I will never forget her . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  4. It just struck me! How big was this operation when you started? How many rescue chickens and ducks ago? Just one pig though, I bet.

  5. Love your animals. So precious.

  6. Lovely animals, and lovely eggs. The turquoise egg caught my attention -- do you recall which hen laid it?

  7. I knew you would have a lot of fun with her. Pigs have personalities.

  8. Seems like you guys having lots of fun with youtr new adoption.

  9. Rainbow eggs! Great pics :)

  10. Glad the your pig and chickens have settled in. Lovely rainbow dozen. The dog feels spring coming, too!

  11. Lovely pictures and what a cute little pig together with all the hens. Have a nice weekend.


  12. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Fun! I have heard that pigs are smarter than dogs. I'm not ready to accept that. I prefer to think that dogs are smarter; it's just that you have a genius pig. :)

  13. She's certainly settled in!

  14. Anonymous9:13 pm

    A hen that does kiss-kiss. Gotta love it! Knatolee's Peaceable Kingdom.

  15. I really love to visit your blog!

  16. It looks like one big happy family ;-)

    I love how the eggs are multicoloured :-)

  17. Lovely photos. Love the dorky dog.

  18. What an idyl... well except for all the poop and wet straw and stuff...

  19. My daughter's chickens wandered through the pig stalls and there never was a problem. It broke her heart when epilepsy meant she had to rehome the pigs. She had hand raised Rusty from a piglet and he was just like a dog to her. He found a good home at a shelter, so all ended well.


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