Thursday, February 06, 2014

Oh my, so much snow!

The snow has really been piling up here. Usually we get a couple thaws in the winter, but this season there's only been one, and we've had snow on the ground since November. Even during that one warm week in January, there was still lots of snow left!

Quite the winter wonderland! The snow blows around so much here, it's sometimes hard to see how much there really is... and then you walk across a field in snowshoes!

The birdbath is almost completely covered now. Snowy!

I took the dogs for a walk around 3 pm and the light was just beautiful. It's sparkly, fluffy snow right now and oh-so-pretty.

Yep, that's Sophie forging on ahead of me!

There's a creek in there somewhere.

Love it.

The dogs were both following in my snowshoes tracks most of the time. Tristan is slow and methodical. Can you see him waaaay back there?

He finally caught up!

He was so happy to be outside. It's been a few days since we had a decent walk. Yesterday it was snowing and windy all day.

And those are deer tracks across the field!

Tristan kills me. He's this plodden, arthritic old guy, yet he took off on his own adventure today, slogging through the snow towards the woodlot, while Sophie sensibly headed back to me.

Adventure dog!

Sophie once again found the spot where she was eating some dead thing on our last outing. More snow on top of it now, so she had to do a bit of digging.

As you can see, snow doesn't bother her.

And Tristan was very happy about everything!

By 4 pm, I was casting a very long shadow.

Tristan lagged behind again, but he was happy. There is at least a foot of snow under my snowshoe tracks. You are just seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

And then we were home again, after a really great outing.

The tundra!

Pretty contrails in the sky.

The black walnut trees were casting great shadows on the barn.

And Sophie was not the least bit tired after her hour-long outing!

Hope you are all having a happy week.


  1. That was fun. Your property is so beautiful. Tristan...I have a soft spot for him.

  2. I have a china plate like your barn side photo. In the picture after the deer tracks Sophie looks like a cougar, almost.

    1. She does like to stalk things!! :)

  3. This is a beautiful winter wonderland. Awesome photos. I also notice that somebody was snowshoeing.

  4. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Gorgeous snow shots! And happy birthday!

    I love snow but the persistent below zero weather I don't wish for. Looks like it would great cross country skiing there.


  5. That was a great walk...where are we going next? I like this ..I can stay in where it is warm but feel like I took a long walk in the country!

  6. so so so beautiful!!!!!

  7. Under that blue sky it does look beautiful. How deep can it get?

  8. Your dogs are such happy dogs, Tristan in his old age and Sophie in her joy of life.

  9. I wish I felt the same way about all this snow as Tristan and Sophie do.
    Jane x

  10. Thanks for the wonderful walk - and no wet clothes for me to hang up!

  11. Thank you for those incredible but true-to-life photos. I miss that type of snow scenery so much. If only my walker would be equipped for snow (with small skis under the wheels) I would put snowshoes on and follow you. I probably would be way back, but Tristan would help me to plod along. When I was doing my winter nursing rounds in Rupert House (James Bay), I couldn't believe that I was being paid to open a snowshoes trail on the virgin snow.

  12. You make it look fun! I don't think I could take that much snow, XOXO

  13. It looks so pretty, we haven't had snow like that for years... This instead of snow we have vast amounts of rain and parts of the country are badly flooded.

  14. Dogs have a very different attitude toward snow than cats do!

  15. This is breathtakingly beautiful. I would enjoy this (for perhaps a week) and would love to go streaking through the snow with Sophie.

  16. Love the photos of your farm Natalie, the house, barn and surrounds. So different from Aussie farms and the snow wow, it looks amazing. Pristine white and all I can think of is beautiful sweet, sticky meringue.
    Must be something to do with watching a cooking show as I'm surfing the net, hehe!!
    I can imagine how much the dogs enjoyed an outing.....
    It's a much cooler day here after a day of rain yesterday, so much more enjoyable.

    Hope you had a great weekend,

    Claire Xx


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