Monday, February 17, 2014

Another snow dump

We got QUITE the snow dump on Friday. They were initially predicting something like 5 cm. Overnight, Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for up to 35 cm (over a foot.) I think we got more like 40 cm.

Even Sophie was amazed! Where she is standing in this pic had been completely cleared out by our snowploughing farmer just a couple of hours earlier.

The pics really don't convey just how much snow there is.  That drift to the left of Sophie is at least four feet high.

But Sophie does love the snow!

Good thing, because there's lots of it! 

She does like to bury her head in the white stuff.

Picnic table is disappearing.

Sophie, still having fun.

I usually have to reach up to fill this feeder. Now look down at it. And what's that dark thing in the background?

My heated birdbath, which had completely disappeared under the snow. It's on a pedestal that's over two feet high. Since I took this photo, it was buried yet again.

This is not a walk-up birdfeeder. It usually hangs a few feet off the ground. Now the feeder ports are buried!

Sophie had finally had enough.

Not planning on opening that sliding door anytime soon!

When we re-side this house in wood (and get new windows, which we desperately need, as snow occasionally blows into the corner of one of our bedroom windows!), we're going to pick a more interesting colour than grey! It just disappears into the landscape in winter. In Nova Scotia, we painted our house a shade of yellow that we just loved. This house won't be yellow, but I want something more exciting than grey.

Meanwhile, over at the beehives...

 I have not seen them buried like this since I started beekeeping.

And right after I shovelled out the fronts, I learned that it's not necessary. I was worried about ventilation but apparently the heat from the hive opens up a nice air bubble at the front of each entrance hole, and the snow is an excellent insulator. Oh well, no big deal, and my field hives remain completely buried!

The snow was up to my behind in places, no joke.

The birdfeeder continued to disappear as the day went on. It snowed right into the evening. 

We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow, but Friday they're predicting rain and a high of 8C, which is going to make for a helluva mess!

Stay warm out there.


  1. Yes, not quite as much snow here, but the same endless arrival of it. I was stunned to hear tomorrow may bring more.
    Loved, loved the photos of Sophie running with her ears back, full of happiness.
    And your beehives remind me of Dan Ackroyd Conehead skits.

  2. You must have been just at the edge of the storm that hit the East. In Waterloo (which is not that far from you) there was only a few cm. But they forecast some for the coming days.

  3. Thank you for letting us know the bees are okay. I got a bit worried when I saw how deep the snow was. And I agree with Marty, Conehead beehives. :)

  4. All I can say is, "Oh my!!" I don't think I could live with that much snow. We got 6 inches, but in 2 days, it was gone and by Wednesday, we will be near 70! I'm sending you warm hugs for Spring to come, XOXO

  5. Oh wow! I've never seen anything like that!!! Your entire house will be buried in snow soon! And we have drought warnings already because almost our entire winter was in high 70's and low 80's!

  6. Good grief! It looks pretty like that, but where does it go when it melts?

  7. We missed that one! Sorry that you got it though.
    We are due snow from tonight through Friday....will it never end?
    Jane x

  8. Oh we are drowning in snow here too!! I love it when the sun is shining but I am getting desperate for spring!!

  9. Yes, your house is going under! We have another five to eight inches coming overnight; when it melts on Friday I will be very thankful to live at the top of the hill.

  10. That is an awful lot of snow!! It is falling as rain over here and there are floods of Biblical proportions in places. Apparently the gulf stream has got stuck and that is causing the problem!

  11. Wow! You really got a dump of snow. Nice shots of your snow.

  12. I don't have as much snow as you but my daughter (in the London area) can't get to her manure pile anymore when she is cleaning stalls. I can only get the gate to the chicken enclosure open enough for me to squeeze through. If I gain a pound the chickens will starve to death!

  13. Amazing pics Natalie, love the snow domes on the beehives....:)
    I can't imagine what it would be like when it starts to melt.......

    Stay warm.......

    Claire Xx

  14. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Love the hats on the hives. In spots around our horses' field, the drifts are right over the top of the 4 foot fence.

  15. I love reading about you coping with it. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again. It makes me want to grab a big quilt and a good book and put another log on the fire. A huge mug of homemade squash soup would go down well after reading for a few hours. Again Sophie looks like a cougar.

  16. Your pictures are breathtaking. I would love that weather from the comfort of your house, but sure would hate to have to work or travel in it. As for us, I had to wear a sweatshirt to go out last night. And I just saw a cloud.


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