Sunday, February 09, 2014

More feline shenanigans!

First off, I forgot to mention that my cats sent me a birthday card in the mail last month:

Complete with cat hair at upper right! It came with no return address, but a Toronto postmark. Hmmmm...

 have some graphic designer friends in Toronto who are capable of this nice lettering like this, but everyone human has denied responsibility. So I guess it really was sent by this lot:

When I turned around from my computer Friday morning to find this scene, I thought...

"Yes. It's true. I really am a crazy cat lady!" Sigh.

Julius was shunning them but he was indeed in my office, on top of my scanner:

The dogs were there too, so for about half an hour, I had all seven pets in my office.

Good grief!

The cats were having a blast birdwatching!

And Julius and Naomi were also hankering after my Greek yogurt!

Never a dull moment here.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! We went on a sleigh ride today. Pics to follow!


  1. Naomi's expression kills me!
    Jane x

  2. Oh they do keep us entertained. I miss my Baron and Simba but a puppy is in the works for next spring...:)

  3. Sigh. My Julius and Naomi were named BoomBoom and Xenia, Warrior Princess. Nice to see such like minded felines are still around, and some one else is combing a long haired cat. Not that I don't have two long hairs on premise, as it is.

  4. You and my hubby could talk...he has four regulars on his desk too!

    Saw bees today!

  5. From one crazy cat lady to another: I think you should move your desk more towards the window, so those poor kitties won't squeeze so tight for a bird view :) ... just a suggestion ; )

  6. Yesterday (9th Feb) we received a New Year greetings card from our Vet's practice.

  7. You are crazier than I am because you have one more cat than I do. Whew! I can't even remember what it's like to eat without some furrball staring down my food.

  8. I think I mentioned it before, in my next live I will be a cat and adopted by you. I am looking forward to it. So do not upset me!:-)

  9. I only have one cat, but am definitely a crazy cat lady! I love that yours occupied your office like mine does my studio...I feel loved and I know you are too, XOXO

  10. Be very afraid! That's how it starts. They send you a birthday card. They change your passwords...

  11. Well ... have a very happy, and furry, birthday!

  12. I would feel very uncomfortable if so many feline friends were congregating in my office. I would wonder what they were up to!!

  13. What are they so focussed on outside of the window. They look about to pounce.

  14. Anonymous11:07 am

    Enjoyed all your kitty photos. Five is just getting started... No where near crazy...

  15. You have such clever cats Natalie, how could you doubt that they actually sent this card, hehe.......
    Love the pics of them all on the table, they're such great company and as for Julius, well I have to se\ay I am partial to a ginger moggy.......

    CLaire Xx


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