Wednesday, August 07, 2013

"Dogs, schmogs!"

While I wait to hear from the vet this morning about how Tristan is doing, Emily is demanding air time.

Butter would not melt in her mouth!

"Well hello there!"

"Ooo! What's that I spy? A power cable?"

Don't even think about it, Emily!

"Oh look, it plugs in to the back of your Mac!"

bat bat bat bat bat



"I'm just streeeetching!"

"I would never do anything naughty to your computer cables!"

Oh yeah? What about the time you chewed up my MacBook Air cable and I had to spend $70 on a new one?

"Oh that. That was all just a bit misunderstanding. I got some tuna caught in my fangs and I needed something to floss with!"

"Come closer!"

"Closer! I have something to tell you!"

"I am way fiercer than your bees!"

"And I hide my evil well!"

And shortly after this, she went behind my Mac, and managed to put teeth marks in the power cable before I could even realize what she was up to (even though I was sitting at my computer at the time!) Fortunately she didn't bite through it and electrocute herself. I was hoping she'd have grown out of this by now!!! The other day, I noticed that Gordon's iPhone charger had teeth marks on it too.

"It wasn't me!!!"


  1. Emily! You better stop chewing on those cables! You'll get electrocuted girl!

  2. Too funny! This reminds me of Gizmo's antics lately. While I was on the computer the other day, he jumped on top of the tower and landed on the power button and shut down the computer! Ugh. I was a little upset to say the least!

  3. Oooh!! Naughty girl!!

  4. Oh Emily. You and Audrey would make a pair. You behave now and let Tristan have front seat and center. You can stand back and laugh a little. Hugs

  5. Once visiting my friend in Wisconsin for a week we watched the young groundhogs scampering about under my car. How cute. On the way home, starting the car for the first time in a week, my car went all engine lights. The mechanic showed me all the teeth marks in the electrical wiring cable. "Animals like the flavor" he told me.

  6. Wonderful sequence! My Tweedy likes to crawl behind my monitor and unplug it and then act all innocent when I try to move her.

  7. She's lost all her kitten looks!

  8. Great series of photos and love the story that goes with them.
    Zoey is like that too....what is it with those cords???

  9. She is a prima donna! Certainly not camera shy.

  10. Anonymous12:20 am

    So nice to have help while you're working at the computer...

  11. Anonymous2:04 am

    That's a terrific photo story - spot on!

  12. She is so unbelievably expressive. At first I would say completely innocent of all charges but then came those last two photos.

  13. Haha! Try soap on the cables - it's a bit messy, but she might get the message.


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