Monday, July 29, 2013

Pass the Listerine!

I harvested my garlic on Friday. 140 heads, give or take a couple!

They are now hanging and curing in the granary for a couple of weeks. Then we'll be eating them until the next harvest. I never buy garlic anymore. Sure, it starts to sprout a bit by the next spring, but I still use it!

Sophie would prefer me to toss her ball for her rather than dig in the garden!

Meanwhile, down in the duck nursery...

Everyone had some grass clippings!


"I like this green stuff!"

Mama's got an itch to scratch!

"I am way cuter than any duckling. Way."

Yes you are, Alex dear.


  1. Aaaahhh, the garlic. Taste the best from your own garden.
    But you should stop tempting me with the duckies. My mind start drifting to garlic roasted d......:-)
    Oh, and by the way we are celebrating Sue`s 65th today. And we will be moving soon in Pforzheim!!!!

  2. The ducklings are just soooo cute !
    Even cuter than I was in a ducksuit the other day :)

  3. Now I'll never eat peking duck again!

  4. Love the ducklings pictures! Especially the little one eating grass AND the mama one at the end (she looks happy and proud).

    and I love garlic too! But that's a lot of garlic to use. Do you give it away, sell it, or does it store well? I buy 2 fresh large garlic bulbs at the Central Market every week... but don't find that it keeps well (either molds or goes soft after a week or two).

  5. GARLIC! YES! YES! YES! I can think of no other plant I love more.

  6. Oh Alex dearest, You are very cute indeed! but those ducklings are squeeeee worthy!

  7. Can't have enough garlic! Ducklings are cute Alex,but they won't stay wee floofballs for ever...unlike you,handsome boy.
    Jane x

  8. I'm very jealous of your garlic! It's definitely something I want to try and grow next year.

  9. Awwwwwww.. sorry Alex, the ducklings have it.

  10. Good to see it's still all busy and as it should be down on Knatolee's Farm

  11. I guess it is getting close to harvest time. I've got peas, snow peas, chard and one lonely ripe tomato.

  12. Oh my gosh. I really can't find the words because I am overcome with the cuteness of the babies! Ahhhh! I adore all those photos. They really are the cutest things I've ever seen. Such wonderful photos!

    Ok, I'll try to compose myself. Haha. It's so awesome that you grow that much garlic and never have to buy it anymore. I want to plant some this fall and give it a try. I use garlic all the time so I think it would be awesome to grow my own.

  13. just love these photos, the subject matter of course is adorable but the way you've photographed them is fantastic!


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