Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Good things come from bees!

First off, apologies if you came here yesterday and got some message about my blog being the purveyor of deadly computer nastiness. It wasn't actually my blog; it was poor Gordon's! I had a link to his blog in my sidebar, so Google put up the red alert. He is trying to get his blog back to normal asap. Meanwhile, I took the link down.

Here are some pictures I took at the end of May and forgot to post!

A very fuzzy bumblebee!

Moth on allium blossoms

Lovely honey bee!

And a tiny cute spider!

I submitted some photos to the Ontario Beekeeping Journal, and they printed one in the latest issue! I was very pleased when I opened up the magazine and saw it. :)

Now, about good things coming from bees...

On Saturday, we had to make a run to the bee supply place, which is fortuitously located near my friend Deb from Just Cats. We met through our blogs and have gotten together for lunch several times now! Deb kindly let me steal these pics for my blog. :)

After dropping by the bee place, we met up with Deb and the Retired Guy and had a relaxing lunch, followed by a walk around the pretty town they live in. It was pretty hot on Saturday. The car thermometer read 33C when we left for home!

We came back to Deb's after our walk for a drink and some kitty-love!

Audrey is so not impressed with me! I love her. Her personality is so like Emily's!

And look what Deb gave me:

This wonderful antique metal chicken doorstop. Or is it a bookend? Doesn't matter which! I just love it!!

So yes, good things come from bees: honey, beeswax, and an excuse for another visit with the wonderful Deb!


  1. Good things do come from bees--I love that chicken! XOXO

  2. Those photos are gorgeous! Such great images. And congrats on having a photo of yours printed in the Ontario Beekeeping Journal! That is awesome. It's so neat that you and Deb get to hang out every now and then. I recognized Audrey right away! She's such a cutie. I love that chicken doorstop!

  3. We know what Audrey's thinking...and we're not telling (cat code rules).
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  4. Gorgeous photos, Natalie. I can see why they picked one up. Congrats! The chicken is a door-stop and I have one the same. I thought at first they were book ends but they are not mirror images. Glad you like it. I've been so busy the last few days and wish this humidity would go away. I've been to Beckwith, Almonte and Ashton to care for cats. And I'm heading out again now. Stopped in for some tea and HONEY. :)

  5. Congrats on the photo. Your bee photos are always incredible. Although they get my heart racing, I try to give them a quick look.

    Great, happy photos on this post!

  6. A beautiful cast iron (probably) doorstop.

    1. Deb confirmed doorstop, and it definitely feels like cast iron! :) I will try not to stub my toe.

  7. You got off your topic and I never noticed. Well, I guess if you spend time with a good friend that bees brought you it's still a bee topic.

  8. Great photos! I can't wait to get myself a macro lens :) That moth has a super long tongue!

  9. Hi Natalie
    You might be interested in a blog called Rural Revival. Lots of bee stuff goin' on.

  10. Lovely piccies, it sounds like you had a fun time out with your friend :-)

  11. The bumble bee photo is fabulous! And, the others are wonderful too. I'm so glad you share all these treasures with us.

  12. Just curious. Do Bumblebees have fuzzy eyes too? I couldn't tell from the picture. I know Honey Bees do. :)


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