Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Get thee to Chef Nick's blog!

Despite the fact that he dreams of sautéing my chicks and dousing them in charmoula sauce, I quite like Chef Nick and his blog. Right now he's got a collective story on the go, but thus far only he, me and Pooka have added to it. I think it needs a few more authors to spice things up, so go to the Montreal Food Blog and add a line to the story, okay? Every time he makes an addition, Chef Nick makes a new post and the old one disappears, so don't be alarmed by that. Just scroll down a bit until you find the story, which is currently called Nelson Survives and can be found here. You add a line by leaving your entry in the "comments" section. And for the record, in real life I'm actually not a floozy. I sin in other ways, but flooziness ain't my forté. But I am happy to play the floozy for the sake of art.

PS: Go Nelson!

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