Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's get away from boxes!

Oh yes, let's! Late yesterday afternoon we said, 'Enough packing!" and we took the kayaks out for two hours of blissful relaxing paddling.

What's that in the tree? A bird? A plane? No, it's....

A turkey vulture!

Surrounded by many other turkey vultures. Maybe they thought the packing was about to cause me to expire (it well might!)

And now, for a tour around the "Twin Lakes" we live on...

That's hubby, paddling off into the non-sunset.

And yes, a grainy shot of one of our resident loons:

Speaking of loons...

As you can see, I have the perfect model of kayak for myself:

And here he is again, my Partner in Packing. The lake was pretty smooth yesterday.

And here he is, in front of part of our lot. You can see one of our beaver lodges near the shoreline at the left.

The beautiful lake.

And to finish, something different. We put our wastebasket on the bed yesterday, and both cats decided it was a most wonderful place to sleep!

Okay. Back to my boxes. (large sigh)


  1. Anonymous9:43 am

    Ohhhh but that's the kind of work breaks everyone should have! :)

    HOW absolutely beautiful. It's so beautiful and wild there. I think you're going to miss that area. But the farm WAY makes up for it!

    And the cats ... well they're CATS! :) nk

  2. You live in such a beautiful place! How great to be able to kayak right outside your back door. I can't wait to see pictures of the farm after you've moved in. I gained 5 lbs. just look at the yummy pizza you made.

  3. Turkey vultures hang out in the trees near hubby's office. I think they're pretty cool, but when one poops on your car, it looks like you've been visited by pterodactyls. Pterodactyls that eat rotting things. Not pleasant.

  4. LOVE the pictures! And your babies are so cute. :-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


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