Monday, September 10, 2007

And another pizza...

To counter-balance my persistent whining about moving, I bring to you the LAST PIZZA ...

Ah YES, the last pizza in this house. The next pizza will be made at the farm, in my fancy-schmancy new convection oven.

Here we have mozzarella, sliced tomatoes from the garden, basil from the garden, tomato sauce, garlic, and sliced grilled organic chicken (not from my garden) with oregano from the garden. Urp!

I tried to make the picture artsy by showing the reflection of the pizza in the KitchenAid mixer bowl.

Oh yeah, and Wolf Lover Girl tagged me for a Meme a while back, and I AM going to do that! It will be an excellent distraction from packing. Have I mentioned that I hate packing?


  1. YUM! That pizza looks way yummy.
    Send me a slice!!!

  2. Hubby would love to have a garden. Can't wait to see your meme. :-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


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