Friday, August 10, 2007

The sand between my toes

Yesterday we did make it up to Martinique Beach, which is a pretty hilarious name when you consider that the water is so cold there in August that it caused pain to my feet to walk in it. A few brave children were swimming, and the surfers were there in their wetsuits. The real Martinique it ain't.

But it's a lovely beach to walk along and I have missed it! The surf was up and the osprey were diving into the water. Nothing makes me happier than walking on a beach and feeling the sand between my toes while breathing in the sea air. That's the worst thing about living inland: no ocean smell! As soon as you step off the plane in Halifax, you can smell the salt water. Oh my, I do miss that.

Last night we had excellent sushi at Doraku, my FAVOURITE sushi restaurant in Canada. I know people will disagree, as every has their own favourite sushi place (that is, if sushi doesn't make them run screaming from the room), but I never did have any sushi in Vancouver that was as good as the stuff at Doraku. No doubt somewhere in that city there is an excellent sushi emporium, but I never found it. So Doraku has remained in my heart all these years and I was so happy to be back. I also deeply love their salad. Deeply. And please, feed me Doraku rolls as I lay dying.

After supper, we walked down to the harbour, where this was in port:

I can't upload pics right now, so you will have to click on the link. My God, what a fancy-schmancy yacht! Apparently it is currently owned by Martha Stewart's ex-husband, and is for sale for a mere $29 million, should you wish to buy it. It is quite the impressive beast. There are more pictures of it here, mostly taken in Halifax Harbour by someone else who was interested in the Scheherazade:

Well, I suppose I could buy her and sail her home down the St. Lawrence, but you know, I'm not sure I like the colour. HAHAHAHA!

Today we are going down to Prospect Village, our old home, to hook up with friends. The knobs who bought our house put on a frigging brown roof which clashes with the lovely yellow paint I chose (York Harbour Yellow by Benjamin Moore), although they did keep the yellow when they repainted. The front door is dark blue. The roof used to be dark grey, which worked much better. Knobs! I'm an artist, damn it, I know these things.

And now the cup of tea calls me. Tomorrow it's back to Quebec.


  1. holy crap! that ship is IMPRESSIVE!!

    My heart breaks when I think of your house by the ocean and that lovely smell of the sea .. waaaaaa. I know just how you feel.

    can't wait to see all the pics.

    (I see I can no longer be anonymous) :) --ok I know I can if I want to)

  2. Your posts about beautiful Nova Scotia make me want to move there. I know I'd love it.

  3. My posts about beautiful Nova Scotia make ME want to move BACK there. Shame about the husband! ;))))


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