Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disclaimer: the orange cat, he is not fat!

Poor JULIUS!! I have been getting lots of comments (here and behind the scenes) on his size. The poor boy, he is literally all fur!! That catnip photo in a previous post was taken when he was a lean BABY, believe it or not. He has the most amazing coat, and for some reason, he really didn't shed much of his winter coat this year (and this was the coldest winter he'd ever experienced in his life, so his fur was veeery thick.)

He was born in Nova Scotia and we call him our “Maine Coonesque” cat, because we like to think he has some Maine Coone in him. He is very doglike, and his fur never mats. He is totally mellow, except when it comes to annihilating squirrels that wander into his outdoor palace.

So, Julius, believe it or not, is NOT fat. Zoë, otoh, is another story...

“I am fluffy, not fat.”

“Not fat!”

“Cold and fluffy, but so not fat.”

“Relaxed and fluffy, but not fat.”

“Content and fluffy, but not fat.”

“Extremely handsome and a mighty hunter and ever-so-fluffy, but not fat.”

“I'm fat. So sue me!”


  1. Anonymous9:09 am

    Yeah, and I'm just big-boned.


  2. Sharon, Marcellus' scribe, in San Francsico10:56 pm

    Deer Julius:
    Yu tell 'em buddy! Us big guyz haf to stick together. We is all fuur, better for it too!

    -Marcellus the Maine Coon

  3. I think you're orange kitty is a cuttie. And I love the one in the snow...

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  4. Zoe is svelte, or is that smelt???

  5. Anonymous11:09 am

    HAHahahahahha EXCELLENT! :D

    (hey how come I used to have a name and now I don't ....waaaa) nk

  6. Genny6:38 pm

    Julius, I think you're beautiful!

  7. Sharon, in San Francisco8:47 pm

    I can't tell you how many times I've looked at this little scenario. It cracks me up everytime!

    You tell'm Julius...fluffy and eloquent too!

  8. Anonymous6:12 am

    What type of cat is Julius? Im tryin to find out what type of cat mine is, she is the same type. I just dont know what it called. Thanks!


  9. Emiley, we're not entirely sure, as he just showed up at our door one day when we lived in Nova Scotia. Sometimes I think he has some Maine Coon cat in him. His fur never gets mats and he has very fluffy paws, with lots of fur between the pads on his toes.


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