Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I left my heart... in Nova Scotiaaaaaa

As a refreshing alternative to my recent rant, I offer you some photos from our trip to Nova Scotia last week.

My favourite beach, Martinique Beach on the eastern shore. All but deserted the day we went.

Gordon and my foot on Martinique Beach. (Note stoopid tan lines on my foot from constant wearing of Birkenstocks.)

Me on my favourite beach. Me not wanting to leave favourite beach. Ever.

Gordon in our silly-but-fun rental Mustang. We rented so late that it was just about the only rental car left in Halifax! The weather was perfect for driving with the top down.

Halifax Harbour from the Dartmouth condo we were staying in, early in the morning.

Me and one of my favourite dogs, Graycee the Australian Cattle Dog. She belongs to my friends Mike and Clarissa, who live in Prospect Village (where we used to live.)

The beach at Five Islands Provincial Park, on the Bay of Fundy near Parrsboro. Yes, there are five islands!

More of the beach at Five Islands Provincial Park.

Gordon getting ready to go down a mine shaft at the Springhill Miners' Museum. For fans, Anne Murray is from Springhill and there is a big centre there devoted to her. Me, I am not so much a fan, but I don't deny her talent!
The Miners' Museum was excellent, but man, what a job. No way could I have been a coal miner. Those guys had/have GUTS!

Me, oustanding in my field. Or more like, out standing in our farmer friend Andrew's organic grain field in Parrsboro. I learned much from Andrew and can now tell the difference between barley, rye, wheat, oats, and canola. I had a delicious bowl of oatmeal this morning made from Andrew's organic oats!

Some of his grains. Let's see, from left to right I THINK it's oats, barley, rye, and two types of wheat.

Gordon dreams the impossible dream in front of Andrew's combine harvester. (Honey, we'll start with a garden tractor when we move to the 86-acre farm in four weeks.)

And finally, we visited a nearby alpaca farm. We're still pondering what animals we are going to have on our farm. The alpacas had just been shorn, and they were very cute, but I am partial to llamas. Don't tell my friend Phyllis that I liked the alpacas. She thinks they are mutants. Don't tell my friend Sarah that I like llamas. She thinks alpacas are way cuter than llamas!

There you go! A brief look at our holiday, and not a rant in sight. See, I can be pleasant.


  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    The alpaca muffs should be on people, not alpacas!


  2. Great pictures! And I vote for alpacas.

  3. Great photos, Natalie! I especially liked your foot on the beach, and of course, Gordon in the yellow hat. So becoming!

  4. How INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just breathtaking. I love the north and when that's combined with large bodies of water, there is nothing better.

    And I have finally discovered the reason for your successful marriage ... you and G have the same EYEBROWS!!! you know there are scientific studies that look at long term successful relationships and they say that those are the ones where facial features are similar....seriously! :)

    anyway the pics are wonderful and both of you look like you're so relaxed and happy. perfect vacation!

    LOVE the car too. I'm happy you had something extravagant.

  5. What an interesting tuff of hair left around the face of the alpacas. Weird.

    I like the pics of the Five Islands.

    And of course the convertible - sweet. Hubby has one of the new stangs but didn't get the convertible, just too hot in Texas to enjoy!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  6. Thanks, Wombat Boy, that will be running through my head for the rest of my life!!

    And Wolf Lover Girl, the lady explained to us that she just preferred to leave that weird head/neck fur on when the alpacas were sheared. She shaved down one alpaca's head/neck and thought it looked too naked, so the rest have puffball heads. I agree, it looks quite odd.


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