Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Our stripey cat Zoe was deathly ill last week. She was vomiting several times a day, had stopped eating and drinking, and was lethargic. She spent two nights in the vet hospital on an IV, and had numerous tests and a belly x-ray. The vet could not find the source of her illness, and she was fighting him so much on everything that he decided to send her home and have ME nurse her. She was much more compliant with me, and I was able to pill her and syringe-feed her without bloodshed. For two days she showed little improvement, and my vet, my hubby and I were all worried sick. The next step would have been a specialist and another barrage of tests! $$$$$

But then one day Zoe woke up and was fine. Just fine! Completely back to normal, scratching at her post, eating food on her own, purring, running around. Quite the recovery! She is once again spending her days on my desk, under my lamp. We're all very happy, including my vet, who sent me this very nice email:

"So happy to hear about Zoe, good stuff, makes my day and I thank God she is better ... literally.
Thanks, Dennis "

He's such a cool guy.

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  1. What big foots! Glad she's better.


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