Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My friend Crowzma had a tragic mug incident lately, wherein she misplaced her cup of coffee. This led to her posting a pic of her favourite mug on her blog. I figured I should do that as well. But this isn't my favourite mug. It is VERY high on the list, but my favourite is a 21-year-old Sadler English bone china mug with a pink rose on it. The theme is way too girly, but it's the perfect tea mug. I don't know what it is, but my tea mugs have to have the right feel, and I can't even describe what that feel is! I used to have four of the Sadler mugs but three of them have broken in the past 21 years! A certain husband of mine was responsible for breaking my Sadler teapot back when we lived in Montreal. It was sitting on the stove, and he turned on the burner underneath it. CRACK!

Anyway, this mug is great too. Completely different from the Sadler, but far cuter, and bigger so you get more tea. My friend Moggy gave it to me a couple of Christmases back. She's a fellow dog lover. If you look carefully, you can even see the tea stains on the lip of the mug in the top photo.


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  1. The original mug post didn't have any tea stains on the mug, but only slightly careful examination will reveal the coffee drips going from top to bottom.


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