Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blonde and boobiful

This evening, I got bored and wondered what I'd look like with blonde hair and implants. Now I know. Eeyuw!

PS: Excuse the skin tone on my face. I, er, protected it too well while in the tanning booth. Yeah. That's it!


  1. I hate not being able to spot typos before I hit "send"!

    Anyway, where was I... Oh, yeah: Maybe with a darker foundation, so your face matched your tan body, and a different dress (sorry, but this shmata should have been left on the rack), and collagen injections in your lips, and...uh...Phyllis! Help!!!

  2. I'm fairly new to the world of blog and am happy to find someone close to my age (I must be older as my first album was a Diana Ross) doing it for fun. While not my favorite entry on Knatolee's World, wondering if there is anyway towards a happy medium? Half a lift perhaps?

  3. Not to worry, I remember Diana Ross! :) Welcome!

  4. ummmm .... what big foots!


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