Monday, October 09, 2017

And life goes on...

Last night our cat Honey walked by the bed and I saw her out of the corner of my eye and thought she was Millicent. Sigh... our friend Luc buried her in the woods next to Sophie and Tristan. I walked the dogs out there the other day and said hello to Millicent. I miss her so much!

But I have all this cuteness to contend with...

Pirate Kitty, aka Little Gordon, with his sister Stella

These foster kittens are growing like weeds!

Little Gordon (my friend named him that) and his mama Nina.

These guys are doing really well! Stella is the runt but she's not quite as minuscule as she looks in this photo (where she is sitting up.) Maisie the Tortie is the brute of the litter.

I don't think I mentioned that I adopted out Snow White and her six dwarves, the mama cat and her kittens I was fostering for Operation Spay + Neuter in Hawkesbury. It was such a huge relief to find them all homes, and great ones at that! Ramona, one of the black kittens, has moved to Minnesota to live with my friend Marilyn and her Irish Wolfhound! Marilyn drove all the way here last week to visit and pick her up. Ramona is now possibly the most doted-upon cat in the universe. I am so thrilled to have found all of those kitties great homes.

So Nina and her three moves to the foster cat room the other day, and we got a new batch of  fosters from the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA...

Fluffy little grey boy!

Pretty little black girl

Beautiful, affectionate mama cat. 

This mama and her two babies will be with us for a couple of weeks until the babies are weaned and put up for adoption at the shelter (along with their mama.) I wish I could keep them all!

Meanwhile, Nina and the kids are enjoying the foster cat room...

They take turns playing King (or Queen!) of the castle on the scratching post.

Pirate Boy may get to keep his (blind) eye after all. It would be nice if he could avoid surgery. It has shrunk down nicely!

Nina is a LOVELY cat. Not just gorgeous and polydactyl, but affectionate and sweet. I would keep her in a minute if I didn't already have 16 cats. She has a lovely personality. I so hope she finds a wonderful home.

Stella is a little beauty. She has such unique and pretty markings!

Kittens are great for taking your mind off your worries. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy this fostering thing. Sure, it's hard to let them go but it's so gratifying to see them being welcomed into new loving homes. My godsons' and their parents adopted one of the Hawkesbury foster kitties.

Here is Mycroft, who clearly likes his new little boys...

Poor Ben, not much seat left for him! :)

And in other news, we had "horse camp" here the last week of September, a week-long riding clinic held by my riding instructor. It was amazing, and my riding progress so much. And for the first time ever, I rode bareback...

It was... amazing! Not what I expected... I felt a bit like I was riding a horse made of Jell-o. But then I got my seat and balance right and wow! It was so cool to feel all his movements so intensely. And his fur is so soft. 

Roo and I had a great week together! I really improved my cantering skills and overall I'm getting much better at using a lighter touch with everything. I'm sure Roo appreciates that.

And Missy reminded me the other day that while the foster kittens are cute and all, she needs love too. Note drool hanging over her lip... she drools a lot when being cuddled.

Alex the tripod cat would also like to remind you that he is still here! He is now the senior cat in residence, at almost 11  years of age. Hard to believe that October 20 will mark TEN years since we adopted him from the OSPCA. Time flies so fast....

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!


  1. I know the feeling of looking to the spot or seeing a cat where they once were. Since Sami has left us, I often reach for her at night and I feel the loss again. Those fosters will keep you busy...I've Sheldon and one is enough for me!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours!


  2. Such sweet cats. I love the kittens and the mama's. I know you miss Millicent. Hugs!

  3. losses are so very hard. but we know here too that kittens certainly help the heart heal

  4. So much furry love in this post 🐈 They are all adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. After Rocky died, it took quite a while before I stopped walking upstairs expecting to see him belly up on the bed.

    But look at all those little furballs you have to to help ease your pain. That little Gordon is just too cute!

  6. We've toyed with the idea of a kitten. Still on the fence. Presents some problems with our terrace. We'll see.

  7. Oh the kittens are so sweet. Milliken the would love that you are sharing your love with all of these kitties. Bless you.

  8. These new little additions are too cute. I am so sorry about all of your recent losses. I wish I had the right words. Too heartbreaking for words. But you've been and are a powerful voice for them and so many others. Thank you for sharing them with so many.

    On a side note, do you follow Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog on Instagram? I believe he was up somewhere in your neck of the woods; and he just crossed the Rainbow Bridge as well. My husband and I both got sucked into this extraordinary dog's life and we cried like babies this week when he left us. It seems like it's been a week for heartbreaking losses. These little bundles of innocence and joy wrapped in fur and feathers ... they grab our hearts and never let go.


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