Thursday, September 21, 2017

Friends for LIfe! walk and feline things

First off, we are once again doing the OSPCA Friends for Life! walk this year. It's on Saturday and I'm just halfway to my fundraising goal, so if you would like to support me by making a donation, here's the link to my page. Donations over $10 get a tax receipt from the OSPCA, and all funds I raise go to the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA, from where we have adopted SO many animals! Thank you for your help. :)

 Millicent is still with us, despite the massive tumour in her abdomen. However, I think her time is coming. She has been less happy the last few days and is having some trouble grooming herself. We are giving her all the love we can, plus my friend brings her delicious stinky cat food and also sardines, which Millicent adores! I am lucky to have such kind people in my life.

I give Millicent all kinds of soft beds and blankets to lie on but she always prefers hard surfaces... go figure!

She has been such an easy cat to have! Calm, affectionate, beautiful, doens't care about the dogs or the other cats.... just a very, very good girl. It is really hard to be losing her just a year after getting her, but I'm glad she made it to her "Gotcha" day on September 9.

Meanwhile, these little ones keep us smiling:

The OSPCA foster kitties are growine like weeds! This is Stella.

They are even starting to use the teeny-tiny litter box.


Little Gordon, who will have his blind eye removed in about two weeks. He is doing great otherwise, and the eye is less swollen now which is great to see.  He's a real cutie. We are enjoying these foster kitties so much.

Meanwhile, I have adopted out three of the other seven foster cats!! Happy, Bashful and Dopey all have homes (and new names, thank God, lol!) Ramona (was Grumpy), Doc,  and Trixie (was Sleepy) and their mama Snow White are still here, but my friend in Minnesota wants to adopt Ramona and is planning a road trip, and a family is coming to see Snow White Sunday, so cross your fingers. They are truly lovely cats who all deserve wonderful homes.

Ramona and her brother Doc

Trixie, a little sweetheart

I wish I could keep them all!

Happy almost-Friday. Thank you for reading, and thank you for considering sponsoring my walk for the OSPCA. :)


  1. Donation coming later today -- when I'm back in the house. As for the kindness of so many people in your life -- you certainly get what you give.

  2. You are such a loving friend to all animals. Sweet Millicent, just love her to the end is what I say about my cats also. Mom's Sam has perked up and is doing well at 17. We enjoy every day we have with him. Hugs!

  3. purrs to you all and is so hard. and purrs to Little Gordon too - we had a couple of one eyed monkeys this summer - the worst part wasn't surgery it was the CONE


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