Monday, July 24, 2017

I love me a happy ending!


...has now been adopted into the most amazing fur-ever home!

And she doesn't miss our barn one bit!

She is now living with a family of four that includes two lovely little girls who dote on their new kitty. And she has a Jampup and a Potcake (adopted from Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue, like our three!) as siblings. :)

Cocotte's new family has fallen in love with her, and the feeling is mutual. I could not have asked for a better home for her. Cocotte sleeps with one of the little girls and has taken up residence on the pillow next to her head. 

And in other amazing news....

...blind senior kitty Beatrice is going to her new home with my friends Sharron and David next Saturday! It takes someone special to adopt a cat most people would overlook. But this girl is so lucky. She is going to a home where she will be loved and cared for with the greatest attention until the end of her days (so long as she gets along with the two resident cats, LOL!) Sharron has been visiting Beatrice regularly, and Beatrice clearly adores her (well, I'm pretty sure it's mutual.) This poor cat (who has suffered through declawing, blindness, and mats so tight to her skin that most of her fur had to be shaved off) is going off to a wonderful life. I wish her many years of happiness in her new home. Our vet thinks she is quite healthy for an old gal. If anyone can squeeze a few more quality years out of a geriatric cat, it's Sharron. 

Let me just say, adopting out animals was never my goal at Bee Meadow Farm. I feel like it is a huge responsibility to find the right home for an animal in my care, and nerve-wracking to boot. But so far I have adopted out six cats and touch wood, they have all gone to amazing homes. Which is just as well, because otherwise I would have 23 cats...  which I don't need, because I spend too much time worrying about animals as it is.

Speaking of cats, on Saturday Chloe jumped up on the bed next to Alex. His face tells you exactly what he thinks of that...

Alex always liked our dogs Sophie and Tristan, but he thinks the Jampups are a vision from hell. They aren't mean to him or anything, but they are a lot more, er, energetic that our other dogs were, and Alex has mostly been avoiding them. Usually when they jump on the bed, he jumps off. But this time he stayed, and eventually settled down next to Chloe, which was amazing. Chloe is the dog who most wants to play with the cats. Her idea of playing involves putting the cat's head (gently!) in her mouth. Not surprisingly, most of the cats don't appreciate this. Okay, well, NONE of the cats appreciate this, but strangely enough, Mimi tolerates it and seems to like Chloe. Anyway, I know Chloe is growing up because she was able to lie quietly next to Alex for quite some time without wrapping her jaws around his noggin.

And Gigi...

Gigi likes cats too. And Honey has figured out that Gigi  respects cats. All she has to do is give her a whack on the nose and Gigi stands down. We all had a nice cuddle in bed the other morning (those are Dodger's feet on the right.)

Down in the barn...

...Missy likes to watch me from the hay chute when I am working in the box stall area.

And in a further thawing of dog-cat relations...

...Archie surprised me last night when he umped up on the bed and curled up next to Dodger, using the dog's butt as a pillow.

Initially, Dodger was alarmed. 

But eventually he relaxed.

And the two of them fell asleep together. I was amazed, because Archie was not impressed by the pups when they arrived. But as the months have gone by and the dogs have calmed down a bit (emphasis on "a bit"), the cats seem to have realized that they can rule the dogs quite easily, and that the dogs, while rambunctious, mean them no harm. That said, Chloe needs to learn that she can't play with cats like they are squeaky toys! But the cats do a good job of setting her straight on that themselves.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. So glad Beatrice and Cocotte have found such wonderful homes!
    Great photos of all your critters getting along. Love the one of you, Gigi, Honey and Dodger. I used to think it was hard sleeping with one 10 pound cat, I can"t imagine sleeping with all that crew!
    Have a wonderful week Natalie!

  2. So glad the girls have found good homes!

  3. Such great news on the cats! I love seeing your photos and all the fun times at Bee Meadow Farm!

  4. So happy your fosters have found wonderful homes! I'm sure they will be spoiled rotten and loved to bits.

  5. YAY for Beatrice and Cocotte!! gotta love when pups finally realize who is REALLY in charge

  6. I am sooo happy about this outcome! Cocotte has to be one of the most exquisite cats I have ever seen, she looks like a painting. I love that she is sleeping with the little one, some beautiful memories are being made! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. I love a happy ending too :)

  8. So happy Beatrice found a home. She sure touched my soft spot.

  9. It may not have been your goal to adopt out animals from the farm but I'm certain the ones who you have helped along the way certainly appreciate it.

    I am a firm believer that animals of all shapes and forms cross our paths and share our lives however briefly for a reason. In your case perhaps the reason is to guide them to their next home. Our house is much the same- full of Strays, vagabonds and Wanderers, some who were invited and some who just showed up. All are welcome and all are equally loved. I truly believe that they are guided to us somehow by the knowledge that we will love and care for them and if we cannot we will find someone who will. I for one am not going to argue with the universe and her bizarre sense of humor and logic when someone or something who needs my help crosses my path.
    So pleased for these two and all the others.

  10. Yay! I like happy endings. Most of my feral cats tamed down and adapted quite well. Maybe they are grateful.

  11. I cannot think that you have any less than a king-size bed to accommodate all of those wonderful critters-I love all of your photos and am so glad for others who love cats as much as you do...

  12. You work so hard for your critters. It's wonderful when you can adopt them out, as well!
    I sure wish we could take more in, but Daisy is pretty territorial!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  13. I love your menagerie and know you find excellent homes for these special animals. I sent some Donkeys for you to play with...hope you like them.


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