Monday, April 24, 2017

Mud season

Saul and I are both completely fed up with mud.

Poor Sandy will be swallowed up soon! The paddock is a mess. Every time it starts to dry out, we get more rain! The equines all come into the barn at night so they can dry out their hooves.

Monty stays surprisingly white. He really is a self-cleaning dog.

And what's this?

Ella the boarder loves Buttercup! I caught her grooming the cat the other day. It was really sweet!

Buttercup loved it!

We have another cute interspecies friendship right here! :)

Gordon got out Sandy this weekend. I have five weeks until I can ride again (after my concussion.)

And the cats were being weird again...

Daisy, Mootie and Archie

Mootie always looks cranky but she's actually very sweet and good-natured. Very cuddly!

 And I got the cats a bunk bed...

I bid on it in an online auction to support a local rescue group. Brought it home and put it on the kitchen counter and ended up leaving it there for two days, because it was never free of cats! Finally I dumped them off and put it in my office.

The most I have seen in it so far is six cats!

And here is tripod kitty Alex, playing with tissue paper. We have had him for almost ten years now. Our vet says his whiskers are in the top 1%. Magnificent!

Dodger continues to spend vast quantities of time on our bed.

But Gigi...

...has started agility classes, and she LOVES them!

There is Gordon taking her over the bridge. We go to Shannoncourt, a great facility ten minutes from our farm. They bought the old elementary school in Martintown and offer a full range of services there!

Gigi is always a little sleepy after class!

Have a great week. I am finishing up my taxes today. :P


  1. Mootie and Peno have the same expressions. Peno always looks pissed off, but she's not.

    Hope your mud dries up soon!

  2. Oh god Natalie, I remember mud season when we lived in Nova Scotia. Our home was 3 miles down a dirt road. It felt like you were driving in chocolate pudding. Hope it dries up soon.
    Love little Mootie! Well, and all your other critters too.

  3. ugh - that is a LOT of mud.... Buttercup certainly looks pretty content with the new friend :)

  4. I cannot believe all that mood. Poor everyone! But, still, your photos always make ME so happy.

  5. Spring mud is not fun for anybody. It gradually damages the area so that it's always muddy or gets muddy very quickly.

  6. I love that bunk bed. All your critters are so adorable.

  7. Our big Lab' (Monty) use to lick poor Freddie (the cat) so much, that it must have felt like being eaten alive. But I'm sure he loved it.

  8. That Saul is a total darling! I didn't understand the donkey thing until I met a sweet little miniature a week ago. She looked at me, I looked at her and it was magic. I started to read a lot about donkeys . Fascinating animals.

  9. Oh gosh that bunk bed is so adorable...I'll have to look for some. We've had two days of non-stop rain and I'm ready to be done with it although our yard definitely looks like "Emerald City!" Take care, dear friend XOXO

  10. In my next life, I want to come back as one of your cats! :)


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