Sunday, April 30, 2017

Insert dog here

I know some of you miss the cats when I don't post about them, soooo...

Here is Keaton on his lofty perch in the barn! He is boss of the barn cats.


Yes, the shy gal has finally decided she wants to join "gen pop"!

Only one cat seems to be offended by her, and it's not Alex!

Alex quite likes Millicent!

Nope, it's sweet little Honey who hisses at Mill! And chased her out of the kitchen this morning.
Millicent is so cute... she goes up to all the cats and offers the top of her head for them to wash. Most of them oblige!


Dodger was having a blast out in the fields the other day.

Back to cats... here's Alex:

Our vet says his whiskers are in the top 1%. I have to agree.

And here Buttercup looks all innocent, but...

...she had just done this to my neatly-organized horse-grooming box!

And she wasn't sorry at all.

She tried to blame it on Missy, but no luck!

My friend Deb commented on how white Missy is. She does keep herself very clean! She too is a sweetheart of a cat.


...Daisy was pissed off she didn't get the mouse pizza she ordered.

And here's Millicent the Adventure Cat this morning..

That look!

So glad she is finally out and about. 

And this is not a cat...

I gave Roo a good grooming on Friday. I can't wait until I can ride him again. June 1st! My concussion symptoms are almost all gone... I still have tinnitus (I have always had it, but it worsened after I hit my head) and headaches but overall, I'd say I'm 99% better. Back to normal activities apart from, sob, riding my horse...

The weather is cold and icky here today. It was 27C the other day (too hot for April) and today it's supposed to be 6C with torrential rain. Ugh...  but we are off to the Stormont Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA for their volunteer luncheon! Gordon and I both volunteer there and we are looking forward to seeing everyone down at the animal centre (from where we adopt most of our animals.) Enjoy your Sunday, whatever the weather!


  1. Hi Natalie, how wonderful Millicent is out and about. Glad mostly everyone loves her! Very sweet how she offers them her head to wash.
    I am happy to hear you are feeling so much better.
    Wasn't that hot the other day? I was gardening and had to go in for a cool drink and a rest. Today it is back to hats and mitts.
    Hope you have a wonderful time at your luncheon,
    How are your bees doing???

  2. Millicent looks like a Millicent. Perfect name for her.
    I'm glad you will soon be able to enjoy riding again.

  3. Millicent is so adorable! Well all the cats are! You are surrounded by furry love! Hugs!

  4. Love these kitty posts. Have a great time today.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with scratched up window sills! Sweet kitties

  6. Good to hear that your concussion symptoms have cleared up. Just 32 more days to riding!

    And of course, I love all the photos of the kitties! ;)

  7. All the critters definitely have their own personalities.

  8. Beautiful photos of your kitties (and other animals) :-)

  9. When I was very small I cut the whiskers off our cat with scissors. I suppose I though she looked much neater without them. Naughty boy!

  10. Millicent reminds me of my old cat Monkey - such a sweet soul.

  11. Hi Knatolee, Millicent is such a soft-looking cat. I loved this post as I'm a cat person (and dog person and horse person and guinea pig person...) You have a selection of felines all such characters. Hope you're soon able to ride Roo. Greetings Jo

  12. Awww thanks for showing some pictures of your gang.

  13. These photos are brilliant! What a beautiful family. I went from one picture to the next saying, "Oh, I'm in love... Oh, I'm in love... "

  14. Glad to see all the felines are doing well and most especially their mistress is recovering well from her serious bump...:)

  15. I've got one that looks like Keaton, but only has three legs.

  16. Hurrah for kitty posts! We love'em! And we've fallen hard for Millicent!!!!

  17. So happy you're on the mend!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!