Saturday, March 18, 2017

Snowy Saturday and RIP Warren, aka Vern

Well, damn. We lost one of the farm's best characters yesterday.

Rest in peace Warren, aka Vern, who was 13 years old. He came to us six years ago after retiring from his job at Upper Canada Village.

What a handsome guy, and such a nice personality. He has been a presence here for many years. I found him dead in the coop yesterday morning. It looks like he just keeled over in his sleep. Thirteen years is a pretty good life for a Muscovy duck, but I would have taken 13 more. Apparently he was actually named Vern, but someone at the Village was named Warren, so this guy got the nickname Warren as a joke, and we thought it was his real name. By the time we were corrected, Warren had stuck. The boys who raised him from an egg visited from time to time and still called him Vern.

Warren, aka Vern, you were a very good duck and you will be missed! xxooxx

As well this week, we had a whopping snowstorm that stretched over two days. Here's Roo at the start of it, looking a little snowy!

I believe we got just over a foot of snow! Thurday and Friday were sunny and beautiful, so I took my Nikon out for some pics...

One handsome, fluffy beast.

Another  handsome, fluffy beast.

He looks like a wolf or a polar bear with his ears up!

Watching the puppies play on the other side of the fence. He runs up and down the fenceline playing with them.

Big goofy Monty smile!

Hawkeye and his sister Debbie turned one year old on March 16th. And this week I finished a coloured-pencil drawing of Debbie as a kid...

I am getting back into my art and drawing.

And this two cuties...

...always make me smile. Salt and Pepper.

And Pierre and Emmeline, who turn one year old on Monday!

Meanwhile, Dodger has been dreaming of his homeland of Jamaica...

Such a good boy.

The Jampup loves playing in the snow!



And snow or no snow, the robins have been out!

My head is doing okay, 4-1/2 weeks after falling on the driveway. Slower recovery than I'd like, but we're getting there. I am really missing riding my horse, but at least we can still spend time together...

Love this big goof!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Natalie, glad to hear you are improving. Great photos, I don't even know where to begin. Monty does look like a polar bear when he has his ears up, very sweet. Your pencil drawing of Debbie is beautiful. Wonderful that you are finding the time to get back to your artwork.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh, so sorry about Warren too Natalie. Great age for a duck!

  2. Wonderful post,Natalie. Love all those sweet faces. Your robin pics are beautiful but I bet they do wish they had waited awhile to return. Your drawing is fantastic and I, too, am glad to see you back at it. You're just so darn good. :))) Hope you are still resting. Two more days 'til spring.

  3. Sorry to hear about Warren/Vern. I remember meeting him. Rest in Peace, little fella.

  4. Rest in peace, Vern/Warren. May you find yourself next to a lovely lake in Muscovy duck heaven.

  5. I am so sorry for the loss of Warren.

  6. So sorry about Vern/Warren.
    Monty is a beauty - love that wolfish pic!

  7. Warren looks like he was such a character. It's been a rough year for losing pets - rough for us too but for different reasons. But it is all good now! It was lovely to see sunshine around here today. I'm ready for spring.

    Monte is absolutely gorgeous. Your art is beautiful. Hope you feel better and better every day.

  8. Don't rush the concussion. Patience. Take some more super photos on your friends. I'm sorry you lost your good friend Warren.

  9. Beautiful photos as usual. You even make the snow look acceptable!

    Very sorry to hear of Warren, we used to have a lot of Muscovies about here, but they seem to have died out.

  10. Every photo is a work of art... and then there's your drawing! So much talent inside one concussed head. Glad you're improving. Wish I could snap my fingers and make you all better, but sure glad you are surrounded by all that beauty and love.

  11. Good to hear the head is healing, even if it is slower than you'd like. Vern/Warren was a lucky duck to spend time with you and it sounds as though he passed quietly in his sleep. Not a bad way to end one's life.

    Hope the snow is gone soon...though the puppies sure seem to enjoy it!

  12. I'm so sorry about Warren/Vern.

    I am glad you are recovering, albeit slowly.

    Your photos are gorgeous as is your art work. Is any of it for sale?

    1. Thanks so much, Beth. I think he had a good life!
      I very much want to sell artwork (including this goat pic!) to raise funds for the animals, so yes, for sure it's for sale! I have an Etsy shop that I plan to add to as well...

      I am thinking of making prints and cards from artwork too, for people who want something that costs less the original work. :)

    2. Not a lot in the Etsy shop right now, but I am working on adding to it!

    3. Thanks for the link.

      Prints and cards, especially cards, are an excellent idea. Don't think about it too much until you are feeling better!

      BTW, we just found out the our three-year-old cat Izzy has squamous cell carcinoma in her jaw. According to the veterinary oncologist, she has just months whether we do palliative care or more aggressive chemo/radiation. So, it's not good either way. She is such a sweet kitty.

  13. So sorry to hear about Warren/Vern. But it does sound like he had a good life at your place and passed quietly in his sleep. The snow pics are wonderful, Monty is a handsome creature, and am glad to hear that your head is healing - albeit slowly. These things take time.

  14. Lovely photos . Sorry for your loss of Warren/Vern , he had a good life on the farm with you all . Glad to hear your getting better form your slip and fall . WOW ! you have lots of snow still we have tiny patches now left and the temps are on the plus side . Spring is here now and I am soo happy about that . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  15. Even when we lose them to old age, it's still a bit of a heartbreak isn't it?
    Did I see your pup on CTV weather the other night?

  16. So many great photos and your art work is awesome. Such a talented lady. Sorry about Warren/Vern, hard to lose them even after a good long life. Stay warm and I'm glad to hear you are healing up well but don't rush it!! Hugs!

  17. So sorry to hear about Warren but I am glad to hear that you are on the mend :-)

    I love all those photos of snowy fun :-)

  18. Your artwork is fabulous! You must definitely get back into that. Take care Natalie x


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