Saturday, April 02, 2016

Yes, I'm afraid it's all about goats again!

So yesterday I let Penny, Genny and their kids out for a bit. I left Bambi and her twins inside, because they are still quite small and I didn't want the triplets jumping on them. I locked Kevin and Geoff up in their night pen because I didn't yet know how they'd behave around the little ones.

It was quite warm yesterday and everyone was enjoying the day!

Hawkeye and Debbie

But when I was looking, the boys busted out...



"Are you my daddy?"

...they were both really, really good with the kids! Nicer than the does are, in fact. I thought they were even being protective of them.

Genny, however got into a shoving match with Luc and wouldn't back down.

Nothing too vicious! Luc finally gave in and accepted that Genny is the boss. :)

Penny, Kevin and Geoff

Luc enjoying pine and spruce needles

Emerson LOVES lounging in the hay feeder!

He sits there and whacks the goats on their heads.

Hawkeye and Debbie taking a breather

Emerson scratching Penny's chin

Patting Annabelle's head (or Rosie's... I can't tell in this shot!)

See him in action here:

Geoff amused himself by pushing that thing across the grass

The triplets were just going nuts everywhere.

Little Rosie, not so little now! She weighs ut 40 lbs.

Luc in his "chastity belt"!

He's a real cutie.

And then this happened...

Who am I to judge?

Kevin was just enjoying the view when all of a sudden, Jersey snuck up behind him. At first he didn't seem to notice, but then he decided he'd had enough...

...whereupon Jersey began stalking BOTH boys!

Until Kevin let Jersey know he'd had QUITE enough of her attentions.

Just another day in paradise! Hahahahaha...


  1. As far as I am concerned, you can do goats until the cows come home! I love seeing their antics!!

  2. Emerson is hilarious! And the baby goats look like wind-up toys.
    More! More!

  3. Love these videos and photos. I am in love with the goats but that Emerson is beyond adorable!

  4. You certainly have your hands full! And I know you wouldn't have it any other way. Very idyllic!

  5. Ha! Jersey and Kevin: the love that dare not speak its name. :)

  6. I love the photos and videos of your farm and animals . Lots of work but fun at the same time . I would be with all the animals for hours every day , I did when I was younger on our farm . I miss having farm animals . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. How intelligent do you reckon goats are, compared to dogs, for example? Just wondering. Cats, of course, are smarter than all of us, but just smart enough to disguise it quite well. As for that pot-bellied pig, confused in at least two significant ways, or just desperate!

    1. Also wonder what would happen and who would win if you got on all fours and started that head-butting competition with them. Expect you may get knocked out. I think we need to know. Gordon can take the pictures (and call the doctor).

  8. With this many critters there's bound to be lots of action.Goats are very curious and always investigating something.

  9. this is the most entertainment I've had in Weeks!

  10. The babies are so sweet! I love how Emerson interacts with the goats too. You've certainly got your hands full with all the critters.

  11. Love Emerson in the feeder--soft bed and whack a goat!

  12. Hahaha! I thought Emerson made my day, until I saw the pig and goat picture! Hilarious, and wonderful photos as usual.

  13. Love your goat pics and videos! They are adorable. Especially like Emerson sitting in the hay slapping at the goats...

  14. It DOES look like paradise. But then I'm not the one (of the many) doing all the work. You've got to admire Jersey.

  15. oh Emerson - it's like that whack a mole game in reverse :)


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