Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby goats in the sun

The weather was quite nice yesterday so I let the goat kids and Mama Penny out in the chicken run for a bit of fresh air. I am hoping to integrate them with the rest of the herd next month when it's a bit warmer.


The kids are just over six weeks old now and growing like weeds.

Penny is doing well. I would like to see her put on a bit more weight, but she's much better than she was a few weeks back when she had diarrhea and a cough. The vet's good drugs did the trick!

Luc and Keaton. Keaton loves to hang out with the goats. I found him curled up in their stall this morning when I went down!

They are still feeding from mama. Rosie got left out on the left! I still give them supplemental bottles but have gotten down to two a day now. They are eating hay and also cattle starter now.

Luc will be neutered when he reaches 40 lbs. Yes, I could have had him elastrated or otherwise done when he was younger, but I chose not to for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that he's a pet and I'm not going to have him neutered without pain relief. He can impregnate his sisters and mama fairly soon so I am going to try one of these on him: The Bacchus Johnson shield (hahahaha!) A bit of a chastity belt for boy goats. It will also enable him to stay with his mama longer. I don't want to have to separate him early just so he doesn't impregnate her. All the local farmers are giving me grief over not elastrating him, but I simply don't want to. Some European countries have actually banned the practice (think rubber band on testicles until they fall off!) I am NOT criticizing farmers who use this practice, but it's not for me and the vet says that surgical neutering carries the least risk of infection. He castrated our two adult bucks and was really careful with anaesthesia, so I have some faith in him. Goats are very sensitive to anaesthesia but there are some newer drugs out that seem to be safer for them.

Anyway, every goat owner I know has a different opinion on this but for us, surgical castration is the way to go for this little dude. We're not goat farmers or breeders; they're just pets for us.

And here's...hmmm, Rosie and Finney saying hello through the fencing!

After their fun in the sun, the little goat family all curled up for a nap together...

Hope you are having a nice week!


  1. The three kids are a very handsome looking bunch. they are also extremely active.

  2. The Bacchus Johnson shield made me chuckle. It's like a little goat speedo!

  3. Maybe you should try it on Gordon first?:-)

  4. My week is always better after one of your posts!

  5. Natalie another wonderful post. The goats are so adorable!
    Glad everyone could get out and enjoy the sun.
    Enjoy your week!

  6. Lovely photos ! Glad all are having fun and doing well . They are soo cute and chopped full of fun to . It was wonderful here yesterday lots of sunshine no snow for us left and spring like temps I was out cleaning the yard and having a camp fire . Today rain and windy . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. Love the shield idea. I can think of some people who should be using it. :)

  8. rubber bands? ouch!!!
    Those baby goats are so lucky to be born at your farm!

  9. I used the rubber bands the first few years of raising sheep and I agree they are horrible. Then I started taking the little boys to the vet when they were about two months to three months old. However he did it without general anesthesia but used a local instead injected into each testicle. The boys feel the shot of course but are calm for the rest of it so expect they are numb. Sheep can be sensitive to the general anesthesia as well so this was a good compromise for my flock. I don't raise babies anymore but have an aging fiber flock of 18 'pets'. :-) Good luck with your little boy.


  10. I'm glad to hear you choose the least-painful option. So many people are insensitive to the pain they inflict on innocent animals who can't complain.

  11. Good decision on Luc. That rubber band thing sounds nasty.
    Love seeing Keaton with the babies!

  12. They look so cute :-)

  13. They look very happy and healthy. : )

  14. So sweet! Do you make goat cheese now??


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!