Sunday, December 20, 2015

Furry weekend

I bring to you...

...a donkey felfie! And my damn pre-Christmas cold, which fortunately you can't catch through the internet!

And a pony felfie! (selfie with farm animal = felfie!) Finney is all fluffy for winter.

Saul. We've had weirdly warm weather this month. Got a dusting of snow yesterday, but it's supposed to be 15C on Christmas eve, so no hope for a white Christmas. It almost always has been a white one since we moved here. Bummer!

The boys, wondering if I might have treats.

And everyone piled into the warm basket of laundry yesterday...

Mootie, Pip and Archie!

Mootie didn't quite fit, so she performed her death-defying balancing act.

Meanwhile, Emerson was happy to nap on the bed!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Everyone looks so happy. Hope your cold goes away soon. Your temperature is the same as it is here in New Zealand in mid winter (although it was 36 deg in Christchurch today).

    Julie Q

  2. I hope the boys got some treats.
    Cute feline laundry basket shot.
    Take care...hoping that cold leaves soon!

  3. Cute photos ! Yup we haven't even had a dusting of snow it will be a green warm one this year here to ! Pouring rain out here now . Thanks for sharing , have a good day and a Merry Christmas !

  4. Your animals are wonderful. They must keep you smiling all day. I hope you feel much better soon. A very Merry Christmas to all on your farm and thank you for the gift of your blog.

  5. Hope you feel better soon Natalie.
    Everyone looks great. Love all the cats snuggled into the laundry basket.

  6. I'm always amazed how much horses coats change . They have a sleek shiny summer coat and a heavy shaggy coat although , you already knew this. Recovery quickly from the cold. I've had it. It's not severe but a big nuisance.

  7. I love how fluffy the ponies get for winter. Hope the cold passes quickly.

  8. purrs for a quick cold recovery. :) looks like everyone is settled in for Christmas - white or not

  9. We currently have about 18 inches of snow and it's still coming down. Finally! We've been in a terrible drought with hardly any snowpack to speak of for a few years.

    That photo of Mootie balanced on the edge of the basket is wonderful. :)

  10. Love the selfies! Your animal companions are so lucky to have found their way to you and they all look most content. It is so wet here, nonstop rain. I am fussing about all the animals outside in the water. Do hope you feel better very soon, and that you all have a wonderful Christmas. x


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