Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday musings

Is it Monday okay? Yeeeesh...

Yesterday we worked with Finney on his driving. He's so smart and if you don't keep him busy, he gets naughty. I just love him!

He's getting all fluffy for winter... and a little fat, oops.

Meanwhile, Buttercup is intrepid!

We've had very little snow so far. We've often had some significant snowfalls by the end of November, but not this year.

And our place is a construction site right now!

We are renovating our granary (I call it the 1200 SF cat house!) and we also had water lines put in to the ponies/birds and the pigs/ goats. These are five feet deep and the hydrants won't freeze in winter, so no more bucket-hauling!!

The spray-foam insulation guys were here for several days, doing their job. The whole granary now has heated concrete floors (well, once the propane is hooked up, that is!) including the pig pen. The pigs also have a nice new exit from their pen to replace the rickety ramp they used to have to go down!

We moved the pigs back up to their normal spot and they are finally getting to meet Henry. I will give them a week to get to know each other through the fencing, then we'll turn him loose and see how it goes. Henry is the biggest and oldest of all the pigs!

And in the house, I had a lapful of cats...

Mootie and Emerson.

It was cold and damp yesterday, so Alex stayed in (our!) bed all day...

And the barn cats were demanding attention. So I obliged!

Redford and Keaton being all snuggly!

Keaton thought my ears needed cleaning!

Cat weirdness! Redford was sitting on my back for this selfie!

Happy Monday! (argh!)


  1. In my next life I want to come back as one of your animals! :)

  2. Aaaaah. I can start my day now that I've had my cat fix!

  3. wow - that barn is going to be quick the animal house!!

  4. Keaton settled in very quickly. What a lucky boy he was to find his way to your farm.
    Take care.

  5. So much kitty love makes me smile!

  6. Very nice pictures. Just love them all.


  7. Be sure you train the little horse rather than he train you. As you said he's very smart.

  8. Looks like lots going on there ! Lovely photos . Oh new digs for the animals cool ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. First and last them.

  10. Such cute pictures...that was us this weekend, too! All snuggled down with cats all over. haha.

  11. The granary is going to be a paradise for the animals. Love the photos, especially of the cats!

  12. You and your animals always make me happy. As for the construction site, when has your place NOT been a construction site in recent years? And Finney driving!?! How does he managed the clutch?

  13. I never tire of the photos of you and your furry family. Oh, the extremes you go to for your four-legged babies! What love!


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