Sunday, August 09, 2015

A unicorn, an ass, some veggies, and oh-so-many cats!

My friend Joan, who is here from Greece (yay!) took this photo of me kissing my ass! That's Emerson in my arms. He and Saul are having a bromance.

And look!!! I have a unicorn!!

Finney was really sleepy when I did this yesterday and didn't seem to care.

Baaahahahahah! Poor pony!

And here is beautiful Annuk from Greece...

And Buttercup...

Buttercup 1, Meadow vole 0. Ooops!

The Goldenrod is blooming, which to me is a sign that summer is winding down. The bees are busy making goldenrod honey!

And I just love this sunflower. I think I got the seeds from Cottage Gardener...

This is an Autumn Beauty sunflower, if I'm not mistaken...

I can't take credit for any of this. Shawn the gardener planted my entire veg garden this year, as well as looking after all the flower beds.

My veg garden has never, ever looked so good. As far as I'm concerned, Shawn can look after my veggie patch every year!

Looking forward to these purple tomatoes ripening.

We've already eaten lots of broccoli from the garden.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence...


And Gertie. :) Pig noses are so cute!

Here's beautiful Annuk again...

And hello! It's Keaton! I

 have confirmed that he is indeed a boy and judging by the size of his catman-bits, he's in need of neutering. I was hoping to tame him enough to put him in a crate but, although he's making progress (lets me sit within four feet of him and meows at me now!) I think it's time to live-trap him and get him fixed and vaccinated.

He comes for his meals twice a day now and gets along well with the other cats. And he's quite handsome!

Surveying his garden!

And sometimes he even comes into the barn to eat with the other cats, although he's still quite shy.

He was hanging out last night while I watered the flowers.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Thanks. I needed a dose of cat cuteness, not to short-change the pig folk and everyone else. . . .
    Emerson and Saul's mutual admiration society is priceless.

  2. OK - I'm here now and you answered my questions on fb. He is really a nice looking cat. And now one of the lucky ones. :)) Love all your photos of the menagerie. And your gardens look gorgeous.

  3. Yes, a perfect post for a waning weekend. What a lovely visit you've had with Joan. Some kitty should whisper in Keaton's ear (I almost called him Buster) that he will never sleep in the big house until he's made the trip with you in that big thing with four wheels.

  4. Love Finney's 'unicorn do'! And talk about good looking cats... very photogenic!
    Also that 'surveying his garden' shot is wonderful. I would think that beautiful black and white would be happy to live in that garden.

  5. Keaton is such a handsome boy! I'm simply mad for black and whites. He'll soon fall in love with you like all of the others.
    My, isn't your Annuk an elegant girl!

  6. Keaton! As in Buster? Love these photos, thank you.

  7. I saw lacinato kale in that garden! Yummy.

    What cultivar are the purple tomatoes? I know that Black Sailor and Purple Cherokee bear fruits that are a deep purple-red color, but I've never seen tomatoes that vividly purple.

    The photo with Emerson and Saul was sweet.

  8. Lovely and cute photos . Yes our Goldenrod and Ragweed are all out now the fields are also full of Queen Ann's lace and wild flowers I love it ! Your gardens are gorgeous . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. This is my idea of Paradise. If I would live near your place, I would be tempted to visit your garden as Keaton does, and sit down somewhere at meal time. I'm sure I would be well fed, though I certainly don't look as good as any of the sweet creatures who inhabit your kingdom. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice play on words. I didn't think you were that agile!!!

  11. We love your pics. Only 6 days till moving time. Say hi to Gordon.

  12. Simply paradise you live in my friend. Your blog lifts me up with your photos and writings.
    I love the unicorn!

  13. keaton - what a perfect name for this catman. i think he looks exactly like michael keaton, my favorite batman. thanks for another batch of lovely, loving photos. always a highlight of my day.

  14. Annuk appears to have extremely long legs.

    I like long legs.

  15. I bet there are a lot of people who would love to kiss your ass. :)

    Keaton appears to be settling, but obviously someone was miserable to him at some point in his life so that's he's fearful and timid. I hope you're able to get him neutered soon and that he settles in to his forever home (what's one more cat?)

    Have a great week!

  16. I would love to own an ass just so I could say "I kissed my ass:". Emerson & Saul seem to have a mutual admiration society going on. Buster looks quite at home despite the tentative nervousness. Your garden looks like something from Land of the Giants. What the heck are you feeding those veggies? The purple tomatoes look almost like they have a metallic sheen - lovely. I wonder if Finney is plotting revenge on you for that unicorn horn? When I saw the post with Mootie dressed in the onsie I almost fell off my chair laughing. She looks so delighted with her new wardrobe & she does look great in mint green. Hard to believe she disrobed & trashed her outfit in the litter box - definitely a statement. Did the Greek kittys remember Joan & what did she think about the life of leisure they have adopted. I don't know whether you have a farm with lots of cats or you just raise crops of sweet kit-tehs. Good to hear Julius is feeling better. A bit less drama would be best for everyone.

  17. Beautiful pictures and post as usual! I would urge you to go for getting Keaton trapped and getting the vaccines and neuter behind him as soon as you can. Had a situation here that just coming out of over the last weeks and wish I would have gotten a stray caught and taken care of sooner! He is a good kitty just kept putting it off because he was so peaceful and didn't really bother anything. Then he bit my Mom who was feeding him in her barn. But it was an accident--she was holding food and he was going for that. However the upshot was I had to trap him immediately, and quarantine him for 10 plus days by himself. I could visit with him when I fed and took care of him, but not any pets (we didn't need two people who might have to have rabies shots!). Anyway, it was a long ten days. Mom is fine (after a visit and antibiotics at the dr.), Earl Grey (the kitty) is fine--just got neutered and vaccinated yesterday and we had a big petting fest last night. I'll release him in a few days. Just wish I had 'gotten around to it' sooner and keep beating myself up as it could have ended allot worse!

    Heres hoping Keaton is easy to catch. He is a beauty!


  18. Gorgeous photos Knatolee. And that garden … Shawn was a find. And don't take this the wrong way but that is about the cutest ass I've ever seen. ;)


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