Monday, June 08, 2015

Tristan's tough day and other assorted matters...

Why is Tristan wearing a t-shirt?

Because this weekend he decided to start licking the hideous big wart handing from his chest! The vet had been keeping an eye on it for some time, but it all went to hell in a handbasket when Tristan made a mess of it this weekend. I put a t-shirt on him to try to stop the licking.

Last night he ripped the shirt open. This morning he went to the vet!

He got lots of good drugs (and an ultrasound and an xray to make sure his hemangiosarcoma hadn't recurred. And yay, no cancer!)

Then the vet removed the big ugly wart plus two others.

He is currently sleeping it off.

Poor old guy! We were really worried this morning when we left him at the vet's but he is fine!

And onto other pets...

This is dear Redford, the first and original barncat. He spent two weeks in our garage last year before I got him in a humane trap and had him neutered and vaccinated. It took him ages to trust me.
Now he comes looking for me to sit on my lap and get some attention. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for my polydactyl boy!

And here's Daisy from Greece...

...boy, does she love to eat!! Sometimes she looks a bit like the snake in The Little Prince.

Meanwhile, another Greek cat...

... has a real thing for climbing trees. Annuk loves the 90-year-old Black Walnuts and she climbs alarmingly high!!

And remember Rudy the pig we recently adopted? Well, after his neutering and 30-day confinement (to ensure he was shooting blanks) he has finally been set free with rest of the herd. When I let him out the other day, the first thing he did was head for the swimming pool...

...with Button mooning after him! The girls looooove Rudy.

And look! Bees!

Can you spot the queen?

There she is!

Can you see her here? She's near drones in both of these photos, which makes her look small, but she's bigger than the worker bees...

I thought she needed a crown!

I am mentoring my friend and neighbour Linda this year and helping her set up her first hive.

She took these photos of me! She's very enthused and I think she'll make an excellent, natural beekeeper. You can tell who'll make a good beekeeper by how they react when you first hold out a frame of bees for them. If they run away, forget it. But if, like Linda, they draw closer in fascination, they will do just fine. She spent almost three hours with me and was so excited. It was great to see! I remember feeling that way when I started myself in 2009. I'm still happy to see my bees. They are wonderful creatures.

Have a great week and thank you for all the lovely comments you leave me. I really treasure them!


  1. HURRAH for Tristan! And gloves, your bees must really respect and trust you.

    1. Baaahahaha no! I just move slowly. I rarely get stung on my hands although of course last week in the space of 24 hours I got nailed on the thumb AND little finger!

  2. You have a magnificent farm full of great creatures.

  3. Tristan looks so cute in the t-shirt I want to reach in and cuddle him. Such relief in blogland knowing he is good and just needs to rest and feel better. Is there anything sweeter (and more worrisome) than an old dog? You sure do keep busy at that hobby farm.

  4. Poor old Tristan; and the ignominy of the lampshade too.

  5. Hope Tristan is doing better, poor thing. The cats look like they are having a great life. Have a great day.

  6. Aww, poor Tristan. The boys are sending him healing purrs. :-)

    As for the pic of him in the pool. I would pass on the bees, though, because they scare me. Do you collect enough honey to sell? I do like raw honey!

    Purrs and peace.

  7. Lovely photos . Glad to see and hear Tristan is doing well oh the cone of shame we call it lol ! It has been raining here since yesterday hoping for sunshine later today . Good to see all those bees as they have been in threat in Ontario due to chemical sprays farmers have been using . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Poor Tristan! I hope he is doing better today. I love all the kitty photo's. Rudy the pig is magnificent. I was glad to see the bees too. I recently found a book in a thrift store called "A Beeman's Journey" by Charles Sauriol. Have you read it? It was fascinating and got me really interested in bees. Hope you have a great week too!

  9. Dear old Tristan. he seems quite a contented and happy old man, in spite of being outnumbered and outrun by all the young whippersnappers you've taken in.

  10. You are my heroine! I would love to come for a visit with your incredible menagerie one day:-D

  11. Anonymous10:52 am

    Wonderful news about Tristan! And you, my dear, are the bee's knees! :)

  12. I've never seen a dog look better in a t-shirt than Tristan!

  13. Glad to hear the good news about Tristan!

  14. I've been missing the bees. No offense to dogs ,cats and pigs!

  15. I'm so glad Tristan is doing good and that the ugly thing is gone!!!
    Redford is such a handsome dude!
    I'd run away from those bees!

  16. Tristan, we happy for no cancer! Too bad you gotta wear the cone of shame, though.

    Those bees make us a little nervous. ;)

  17. so glad that all went well with are brave to be so close to those bees! As always your photos are marvelous! oxxoxo

  18. I'm glad Tristan is recovering sans the nasty lumps.
    Redford is beautiful. I would like to do bees, but I am allergic, and two stings in the hand would have sent me out for a cortisone shot pronto.


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