Sunday, September 28, 2014

What have we here?

Why hello!

Yes, that's right. We have more cats. #8 and #9 to be exact!

Meet Missy and Lionel! Our friends Mac and Brenda needed to find homes for these two barn cats, so we gladly took them in! They are bunking in the former pig pen for a couple of weeks until they know our place is home!

Missy likes to relax on a bale of straw.

I think Lionel's ear is clipped because he was a feral, but I'm not 100% sure because he's such a lap cat, it's hard to believe he was ever truly feral.

I gave them some comfy beds to make their stay in kitty-prison a little happier. 

Lionel is orange kitty #4! He is creamy-orange like Emerson and fluffy like Julius.

These two love each other. They are both very mellow, and since Redford is too, I'm hoping they will all be friends and keep each other company.

This guy just laps up attention!

Missy is a little, er, fluffy! But not to worry, she's not expecting. Both cats are fixed and vaccinated!

What a sweet, happy little girl. She's quite petite.

I will keep them confined for at least two weeks and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I found THIS in the bathtub the other day...

SOMEBODY gifted us with a dead shrew. And a fly. Whichever cat it was would have caught the shrew outside in the cage and brought it all the way upstairs from the basement to the second floor! I only hope I didn't shower with it in the tub. When I don't have my contacts in or glasses on, I'm blind as a bat.

And it's starting to look like a real farm around here. The other day we had 100 bales of straw delivered...

That should help keep everyone warm this winter! Next wee need to get in some hay for the ponies we're adopting. The horse fencing is going up as I write (all the fenceposts are in!) and this week, construction will start on box stalls in the barn.

That's all the news that's fit to print for today. Have a great Sunday!

PS: Yes, I have updated the "Cast of Characters" tab at the top of the page.


  1. I am in wonder at the increase in your farm in the time I've been signed up. You make the world better!

  2. I'm surprised one of the cats didn't eat the shrew. Either way, eww!

    You've got quite the growing menagerie at your farm. It's an animal lover's dream.

  3. You are going to have the most spoiled barn kitties ever!

  4. Anonymous12:14 pm

    If that's "prison," then lock me up! :)

  5. What beautiful barn kitties! They just exude love. I do hope they can make friends with Redford.

  6. I missed the horses post! I've been predicting horses for a long time.

  7. You are expanding so rapidly. What a wonderful place for all the animals to live in!

  8. What lucky cats to have found a home with you! They are all beautiful... and look very content.

  9. My cat's won't eat shrews either.

  10. Nice looking cats. I'm glad people don't ask me to take-in unwanted pets; we'd be inundated too.

  11. More lucky animals found a home in heaven.

    1. Truer words were never written.

    2. Aww thank you!!!!

  12. Oh my! I'm going a little nuts with 4 cats and you got that doubled +! These are beauties and I know they'll come to feel right at home with you, XOXO

  13. The cat that left you the shrew paid you a high compliment indeed!

  14. Oh, and now I'm in love with Missy and Lionel. What faces! They look like they already know how lucky they are.

    Maybe the shrew spit up the fly...

  15. Anonymous11:16 pm

    You have surpassed us, we just have 8. But ours are 50 shades of grey. I envy your oranges!


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