Wednesday, September 03, 2014


This past weekend, we moved the pigs into their new pen and pasture.

Button approves!

We have since reconfigured the ramp to make it less steep, as the pigs were reluctant to use it!

Ophelia seems to approve too!

The pen hasn't been properly winterized yet. Before it gets cold,we're putting in proper insulated walls and a concrete floor. The new pew is in the carriage shed at the back of our granary. It's very cozy back there!

The pigs have  a nice view of our hayfields from their pasture on the hill.

I need to measure their space but it's about 1/2 acre, all fenced.

It has been hot the past couple of days. Everyone loves a dip in the pool, especially Ophelia!


Here's Jersey! She enjoyed rooting around in the dirt and rolling in the mud today. She is completely healed up from her recent bout with pneumonia and is doing great, thank goodness. She has also integrated really well with the other pigs. She's a little sweetie! Whenever I call her, she comes running, grunting and squealing the whole way.

She has lovely eyelashes and brows!

I think this is Gertie but I'm not sure. Once they get mud on their faces, it's hard for me to tell who's who!

Luther is looking very much like a boy! He is the biggest piglet now and has that Neanderthal-looking brow that the males get. He must weigh at least 50 lbs. I wonder how big he will get? As I understand it, pot-bellied pigs take up to three years to reach their full adult weight!

Hello Jersey darling!

I would kiss that nose if it weren't so muddy!

Mud. It's what all the hip pigs are wearing!

Button and Dahlia making themselves a nice wallow!

Jersey enjoying life.

That little black one at the top right is Jersey!

It's nice to stand at the fence and just watch these piggies enjoy life. Not surprisingly, they seem to love their new grassy pasture. And I think the ducks, chickens, turkeys and guineas are all pleased to have the lower barn back to themselves!


  1. Your pigs have definitely got the good life now!

  2. There's nothing better than everyone having their own space. Looks mighty fine.

  3. You'll be surprised how soon they graze the grass down. You have a very healthy place for them.

  4. They look like there enjoying their new area!
    What type of pig is Jersey?

  5. I swear those pigs are grinning..happier than pigs in muck!
    Jane x

  6. A lot of pigs love you. That's a good thing.

  7. I don't even have a half acre... And what a view. It's a pig's life.

  8. A beautiful pasture, a pool, and good friends. Those pigs are living the dream!

  9. What a nice pasture those little pigs have. Funny, all that beautiful grass and they found some mud.

  10. They should be very happy there.. especially with their own satellite TV?

  11. This must be pigs heaven. They are lucky fellows. Like you, I feel I would kiss that snout if it were cleaner! It seem to come through the pictures that they are happy pigs!

  12. So lovely to see the piggies looking so, so happy in their new home. Has Redford checked it out yet? or is he enjoying the extra space now His piggies have moved out?

    Sending love and care to all, Michelle downunder in Wellington, NZ

  13. Your farm is so remindful of my childhood when my parents farmed (no pun intended) me out to my Dad cousins 80 acre place for the month of July. They had all the animals too. Now we live in the county with several large industrialized hog operation and dairy farms nearby. They must have several thousand pigs each and the dairy have almost as many. Its so different now in every respect....:(

  14. It still gives me gravings for you know what!!!! But not as much as it used to be, since I watched some very disturbing tv shows about how they meat is produced here in Germany. Disgusting. I becoming more and more a vegan.

  15. Mmm, look at all the lush grass they've got there! I love the photo of Ophelia in the pool.

    I don't know if it's the angle of the photo, but there doesn't look much room for growth in that bob-hole!


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