Saturday, June 07, 2014

Friday afternoon in the barnyard

I did not wear my overalls to the barn yesterday, which I why I ended up with yet another set of clothing to launder!

Here's Olivia having a snooze between my knees...

And Gertie sampling my thumb while Dahlia checks out my leg.

And Cordelia says hello! Her (right, that is, HER right) eye is better than it was, but I noticed yesterday that it's still swollen so I am going to ask the vet for the Clavamox drops he said she might need. I can't tell you how much it thrills me to think of restraining her to put in eyedrops every day... :P

Olivia passed out while Button looks on. Button is the one piglet who has been adopted out and her name is official now. She is going to go live with Velvet, the big Berkshire piggy. Button's new mama is unfortunately in hospital right now, so Button is staying with us a little longer but that's no problem. We'll take good care of her until her new Mom and Dad are ready to come get her. They named her Button because her little black nose looks just like one. :)

And here's an action shot of Richard the turkey...

 He was yanking grass out of my hand while Karène the duck looked on in apparent alarm!

Carlton swinging his snood!

Richard with his snood retracted.

I let everybody out on the grass for a bit yesterday. I can't leave the pigs out there unattended, because I just have the portable mesh fence up and they go right under it, little devils. But the piglets enjoyed the grass and sunshine...



DUCKS!!! Not in front of the CHILDREN!!!

Zzzzzz! I never get tired of snuggling with piglets.

And then...

...Luther went on the lam! But I had no problem herding him back under the fence.

Have a great weekend!


  1. They get cuter with each pound they put on!
    Jane x

  2. The pigeeez mama! You used to be in love with little ducks and chickens. Maybe next week, new babies to love?

  3. I just love your pics! The piglets are adorable... and everything looks so *green*!

  4. I can't believe how big the pigs have gotten. Love the turkeys too!

  5. What idyllic lives they are going to lead. They have really fallen on their trotters.

  6. I miss having piggies.........maybe someday they will come again.

  7. I love the detail your camera picks up on the turkeys. I'd watch out for Carlton. … : )

  8. So...when are you starting your B & B? I want to come stay!

  9. If poor Luther got out in the tall grass behind him he'd be lost forever.

  10. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Luther is acting out Wilbur's story in "Charlotte's Web!" Did you lure him back with a pail of "slops?"

  11. Just another day with all the animals. And forgot your overalls. Now that is something I do regularly..... and catch heck from Mrs. T. when I come back in the house.....:)

  12. You should get multiple pairs of overalls in all different shades and patterns of pig! All your photos are exceptional but that one of Richard and Karène is beyond compare.

  13. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Must be hard to get anything done, surrounded by all that action.

  14. Aren't those piggies all lovey dovey with you? So cute.


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