Thursday, June 26, 2014

Catch up!

Saw this beautiful Giant Swallowtail on my Sweet Williams this week...

While I am sad not to be seeing Monarchs, this new guys are quite beautiful!

We didn't used to have them in this part of Ontario but their range is  expanding north.

And some more pretty flowers...

My bees girls love any kind of salvia!

Today my friend Penny visited me from Vermont. Look at the beautiful wood-burning she did of our Sophie. I just love it!!

We went out to lunch at The Quirky Carrot, my very favourite restaurant in these parts. Truly excellent, healthy food made from scratch.

And Emerson and Louise have been getting along quite well...

Louise was there first! (Although I've had that crazy tape dispenser in the background longer than either cat!)


  1. I'd say your friend is a very talented wood burner!

  2. A charming little ginger Tabby came up to me yesterday whilst I was weeding. He/she was extremely friendly; I've no idea who it belongs to. Your ginger Tabby is just like it.

  3. Beautiful photos, Natalie. Love the wood-burning of Sophie.

  4. Emerson looks as though he owns the place!
    Jane x

  5. How do you keep salvias over your harsh winters? I've lost virtually all of mine and it was the mildest winter ever. Probably the wet.
    The wood burning is just lovely.

  6. I have not seen a swallowtail yet this year, and very few bees. I am distressed by it.

  7. I love Swallowtails! Used to bring the caterpillars inside to protect them, then release them once they emerged as butterflies. Did this with Monarchs and Gulf Fritillaries too, but the Black Swallowtails were my favorite! The Giant Swallowtails are beautiful too.

  8. Love that cat bed! Say...we need a BEE REPORT!

  9. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Oh, Sophie! How sweet...You have so many talented friends!

  10. Your pictures are wonderful - I especially like your bee on the salvia. I saw a few "domestic" bees today. I don't know where they came from as I don't know of anyone keeping them in the area. How far can the go from home?
    The portrait of Sophie is amazing.

  11. Ah, swallowtail butterflies. Their caterpillars munch on the leaves of my carrot plants in late summer.

    I'm glad to see that Emerson and Louise are friends!

  12. Anonymous8:18 am

    Perhaps Emerson and Louise know how nicely their colours compliment each other.


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