Friday, May 30, 2014

Oink oink oinkety oink!

It has been too long since I posted piglet photos!

On Sunday they will turn six weeks old. Here is Dahlia...

She is so sweet! She comes to me for belly rubs and chin scritchies all the time.

Ophelia and her brood. Ophelia has lost a little too much weight feeding those porcine chunks of hers, so I am upping their rations! I'd say the piglets weigh about 8 lbs a piece right now.

Gertie give Dahlia a smooch on the ear.

Olivia chewing on something!

Pick-pocket! Or should I say...


The boy pig (we are sorting out a name) and Dahlia, checking out my boot.

THey are so cute!

Boy piglet. He has a sweet personality.

Smudge (temporary name; she has been adopted and will leave her at eight weeks) tries to climb aboard her brother.

So while they are growing fast, they remain unspeakably adorable!
The guy who cuts our grass (a farmer) saw the piggies last week and said, "Are they going in your freezer?" Baaaahahahahahahhaha. He knows full well that ain't never gonna happen!


  1. WHAT NERVE OF HIM..hmph! Love these photos. They are soooooooooooooo cute.

  2. They ARE very cute. Do they make cute little adorable snorts and squeaks?

  3. "Ophelia has lost a little too much weight..."

    Really?... If only I had been born a pot-bellied pig a life of healthy eating would have been so much easier.

    1. Actually I have a suspicion they are just fat pigs who have managed to sell some zoological taxonomist a lie about their identity.

  4. Thanks. I was feeling the need for a "pig fix!"

  5. Gosh their six weeks old already how time flies!

  6. I was short on piggie cuteness.

  7. So sweet. Have you decided how many you are going to keep?

  8. Needing the piggy fix....I've fallen in love with boy 'George'.
    Jane x

  9. ...and I don't think you'll ever part with these characters. You become too attached to them and they become attached to you.

  10. "pig-pocket"...LOL LOL LOL!!!

    You hit the jackpot with Ophelia and her wandering ways--the kids are so cute! Love your farm outfit, too...

  11. Oh, this is just one big love-fest. Can they come for a visit???

  12. Awwwww. How does nature fit so much cuteness into those piglets?

  13. Aw they're the cutest of cute!

  14. They are adorable :-)


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