Friday, May 02, 2014


Just a few more Sri Lanka photos for you! We took a walking tour of Colombo (the main city) that was excellent.

Sri Lanka is such a colourful country!

We walked around Pettah, which was a riot of sound and colour. I loved the markets.

Dried fish vendor

More dried fish!

Wood apples and limes.

Unloading a truck!

Hard work, especially when it's 35C!

Pour kithul jaggery (treacle) into a bottle. This stuff is delicious! It's like the Sri Lankan version of maple syrup. It goes great with buffalo milk curd:

Basically a super-yummy yogurt often served as dessert, along with treacle.

And I just noticed the "bee hani" on this list! I should have bought some! I did find some in a Colombo grocery store.

Chilis and other colourful things.

Veg vendor

A sack of turmeric root

What a place!

You can buy pretty much anything in the market. Knife, anyone?

There is some gorgeous architecture in Colombo. This is the Old Colombo Lighthouse

The old Cargill's department store, which they plan to turn into a Raffles luxury hotel!

And the fabulous New Chinese Shop, established in 1942 and pretty much unchanged. It is now run by the founder's son.

This is the place to come for school uniforms!

The owner, Mr. Chang, and our walking tour guide, Mark Forbes.

I loved it in here. It was like stepping back in time.

The mannequins are original to the store!

And speaking of old and new...

These were at the municipal offices.

Sri Lanka remains my favourite country to visit. Hoping to go back before too long!


  1. I loved this! I could go absolutely nuts in that market!
    The 'school uniform shop' looked just like the place where my Mum bought my UK school uniform.
    Jane x

  2. Very exotic and all that fresh food makes me drool!

  3. Wow, baby pigs in a pen one day and travels in Sri Lanka the next--what a varied life you lean!

  4. Fascinating! The pictures of the market stalls were captivating.

    I imagine the dried fish stand smelled ... interesting.

  5. How lovely to see all these wonderful pictures of Sri Lanka instead of the guy in the rumpled raincoat!
    (I've gotta learn to wait for the rest of the post before I make snap judgements based on the title) :)

  6. Oh... At first I thought the title mean that you had named one of the de-balled piglets as Colombo. I await names (assuming they are staying long enough for names).

    The Colombo street-view photos are great.

  7. It looks totally overwhelming! Colour, sound, sights, smells

  8. What an interesting place. The markets remind me that these people prepare their foo from scratch. I just finished reading salt sugar and fat . It's about our food industry and how prepared foods are meant to get us to eat more.

  9. My late uncle, who was the last family member to run our Tea Garden, adored Ceylon (as it was then). He was eventually shipped out with para-typhoid (I think), and the estate was sold. I still feel robbed!

  10. What sights and smells!

  11. It looks like a really interesting place to visit.

  12. Beautiful sights and the colors are amazing. XOXO

  13. Such fantastic photos of a wonderful place. I've really enjoyed all of them.

  14. Thanks for the superb tour. What you've captured in your photos and stories is fascinating. And I'd love to try some Sri Lankan bee hani.

  15. Thank you and again thank you. Your shop that sold school uniforms reminded me of the store on Government Street in Victoria where we went to the basement level to buy our uniforms each year. My sister and I went to Norfolk House. I just can't remember the name of the clothing store that was quite posh at the time....across from the old post office.


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