Sunday, September 01, 2013

New Yawk, part 2

Hard to believe that it was just last Sunday that we were strolling around NYC. I'm in another world here!

Washington Square Park. Despite signs forbidding it, the kids were of course all playing in the fountain!

And the crowds enjoyed a pianist!

Meanwhile, Mighty Mutts was having a dog adoption event.

And I think this was Union Square. There was a great farmers' market happening there, with lots of beautiful food I wanted to buy but couldn't, because how was I going to bring home a giant wheel of cheese?

I did buy some honey from two different beekeepers. One was cranky, one was really nice!

We also went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which was lovely.

Of course I started photography bugs!

Like this HUGE hornet/wasp! It was at least an inch long. Anyone know what it is? It and the butterfly with it were interested in some sap oozing from the tree bark.

They didn't seem to mind each other!

The lily pond was gorgeous!

And thing. Around here, we'd call this a burn pile!

You could actually go sit in it. You can just see a woman's head in there if you look closely. 

We visited the Brooklyn Museum too.

Very interesting collections! I like the Egyptian cat stuff.

It's pretty easy to get around on the subway.

Closer to our hotel...

The Empire State Building pops up. The mast on top was originally built as a docking station for airships, but that didn't work out. Well, I guess the whole zeppelin thing didn't quite work out once the Hindenburg exploded!

And back to our fabulous hotel. I really loved this place. Our 23rd-floor room was dead quiet and immaculate. Very well-equipped and spacious. And the staff were great!

I would definitely stay at the Kimpton Eventi the next time I'm in NYC.


  1. The wasp looks like a Cicada Killer, and yes, they're huge!

  2. Great photos again. I want to sit in a lily-pond. Deb

  3. It's in New Yawk City! Of course a huge wasp and a skinny butterfly would hang out together! :)

  4. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing....I love to follow you everywhere you go. You see things I would forever miss!

  5. Leave it to you to go to New York City and take pictures of bugs! It's too bad you ran into a grumpy honey guy. A person likes to feel that people with the same interests are nice people. I really love your vision of the places in the city--probably because those are all places I would like to go.

  6. There are some very attractive things to see. They have major museum exhibits which we can only afford to dream about.

  7. I lived in Bklyn for a year after college (but that was a long time ago!), and my son lives there now; but I'm embarrassed to say I've never been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It looks fantastic. I'm going to have to make a point of getting there.

  8. Errrr, you bought honey? Coals to Newcastle!
    Jane x
    PS Fancy burn pile!

  9. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I enjoyed the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the museum many years ago and enjoyed the reminder. Nice to see fresh veggies being sold in the big city.

  10. Fresh honey is something to eat, Yummy :)
    It looks so nice in Brooklyn Garden.

  11. GREAT photos. So glad you made it to Brooklyn for the Botanic Gardens and Museum. I love those places. The Egyptian stuff fascinated me when I was a kid. The museum has changed a lot since then. AND the Gardens. Thanks for the hotel referral. I regularly have people asking me for recommendations. But I've been away so long, I have no idea what to tell them. Now I do.

  12. Lovely NYC. Maybe one day I will visit the Big Apple!!!
    Have nice week!

  13. Gorgeous pics! And the weather was glorious, I can see. Thank you for this virtual stroll through NY - I hope I get to visit it one day.

  14. My mom probably too would have been taken photos on the bugs :)
    Lovely photos as always !


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